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September 13, 2021

The Technology Behind Engagement Ring Cuts

When you browse in jewelry shops or check engagement rings websites, you see some brilliant gemstones on the engagement rings. They look so shiny and bright, just waiting to be purchased by someone. The truth is, you never think of diamonds in a rough shape when you look for diamond rings to buy. However, lapidaries, or gem cutters, are those that produce beautifully finished stones. The process of finishing them is rather long, but it is worth it because the final result is spectacular.

Lapidary history

Some two thousand years BC, the first cut gemstones were produced in India. The origins of gem cutting likely started there. Then, thanks to the slow advancement of technology, faceting became a common practice between the seventh and thirteenth centuries. That is when technology made the process much easier than before. The oldest cut diamonds date from this period, and these technological advances came to Europe sometime during the 13th century. The diamonds supply from the East increased, and there are records of the first diamond engagement rings being made in the 15th century.

Gemstone cuts development

            During the 1700s, the first brilliant cuts appeared, called cushion cuts. These cuts are still one of the famous and most attractive engagement ring cuts today. Cushion cuts are used for diamonds and colored gemstones, and this cut is ideal for creating vintage-style engagement rings. Initially, all cuts were done by hand, so all stones were unique.

That is much different than today’s modern times when precision technology makes all diamonds uniformly cut. The appearance of the steam-powered bruiting machine during the Industrial Revolution (News - Alert) further revolutionized gemstone cutting. Round shapes were created, leading to modern round cuts, which are mainly prevalent today.

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Modern technologies

            Gem cutting business continuously experiments with colors, styles, and shapes to maximize the brilliance of gemstones. Many jewelry designers are going for unusual cut stones to make the engagement rings unique and stunningly beautiful. Gems faceting and cutting have improved over centuries and decades, with designers always searching and finding artistic new ways to impress. Thanks to the modern technologies in use, nowadays you can find all types of unusual engagement rings.


The fact is that today we have a wide variety of choices when it comes to engagement rings. Everyone can find something suitable for them to buy. It is also effortless to find what you are looking for. It is enough to go on a quality engagement ring website, browse through the collection, compare different rings, and make your pick. Of course, you can always consult with jewelry experts and seek advice from them as well. Choosing the best engagement ring is challenging, but you can make a safe choice that your partner will love with patience, good knowledge, and research.

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