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August 26, 2021

Game Streaming Basics - The Equipment You Need

Online entertainment has evolved considerably over the past few years. The COVID-19 pandemic has been a major catalyst in the growth of online entertainment. Internet gambling increased dramatically during this period and slot streaming is one sector that saw a rapid rise. Also called casino streaming, slot game streaming is a form of entertainment. It allows players to broadcast to audiences as they gamble. Besides that, it has become one way to generate revenue on Twitch and other streaming platforms. Casino streaming continues to gain prominence as more gamblers discover the joy of sharing their experiences with other enthusiasts. Some of the most popular channels on Twitch are casino streamers.

As with most aspects of online gambling, casino game streaming owes its success to technology. The only reason players can stream their activities to viewers is that they have the right tools. So, if you are considering becoming a streamer, then you should learn how to capitalise on different equipment. The quality and type of streaming tools you use determine your content standards. For this reason, aspiring streamers should know the correct equipment to invest in and how to set it up for maximum advantage.

PC Requirements

When starting out, the most basic set-up will do. So, if you have a powerful desktop computer or laptop, you are halfway there. However, the streaming service that you intend to use and the content you wish to put out determine the most suitable PC for you. Twitch is the first pick for any streamer. After all, it is the largest game streaming platform in the world. If you check out any Casino streamer on as reviewed by Vienne Garcia, you will see that Twitch is the primary content broadcaster. The drawback of streaming on the platform is that your PC should be able to handle the heavy resources. Your machine should have at least 8 GB in RAM and a decent processor like an i7 920. A minimum of i5 or Ryzen 5 for an AMD (News - Alert) processor should be sufficient.

Although a gaming laptop can be too much, it gives you more room for scalability, especially if your channel becomes popular. The difference between playing video games and casino games is the graphics card requirement. Slots games, progressive jackpots and table games run on a computer's inbuilt graphics card without any issues. Therefore, you don't have to invest in a separate one for your slot streaming. Consider getting two monitors because they make chatting with the audience less complicated.

AV Needs

The audiovisual equipment you get for your casino streaming all comes down to preferences. For one, you need a good quality webcam. Consider an HD camera that guarantees crisp picture for your viewers. However, most laptops have webcams, meaning you might not have to get a separate one. Microphones are other features incorporated into computers. Nonetheless, think about getting another one. Bad graphics might be tolerable but not poor sound. You must ensure that your audience hears everything because it is part of your streaming content. The AV equipment doesn't have to cost you too much unless you want to get premium options.

Internet Requirements

The most critical resource for a streamer is stable internet. You must be able to broadcast in 820p, which is the minimum for streaming content, particularly on Twitch. Therefore, make certain you have at least 5 Mbps for uploads and downloads. Consider using a wired router instead of a wireless connection, which can cause drooped frame errors on your streaming software. Your connection should be reliable to prevent interruptions during streaming. Regardless of how interesting your content is, it's useless if your channel experiences issues due to network downtime.

The Software to Get

Streamers require software to be able to broadcast video and audio on their chosen platform. The market provides a wide product range that caters to different demands. Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) is the most popular free streaming solution. So, it's a practical alternative when looking to save money. You can use OBD to stream on Twitch and other services. If you are completely new to live streaming, then search for tutorials on using various software.

Streamers who prefer premium steaming software have a decent selection to choose from as well. The features available vary from one solution to another. Whatever software you pick, ensure that you are using the latest version to enjoy its best offerings. You also need a platform for crowdfunding or donation systems, which are some of the ways that casino streamers generate income. StreamLabs is the most popular software for donations. Once you have settled on your streaming solutions, run a test beforehand. A practice stream will help you identify any issues before going live so that you can deal with them.

You Need Several Accounts

Apart from the equipment discussed, you need accounts on several platforms to get your streams out there. Firstly, you have to open a Twitch account, if that is your chosen streaming service. Secondly, you have to create an account for your donations platform. The third is the casino account after you find a website that caters to your gambling demands. Social media accounts are also necessary to help you drum up attention for your streaming content.

Casino game streaming or slot streaming is fast gaining dominance in the online entertainment sphere. Therefore, it makes sense that more players are getting into it. Once you learn how casino streaming works, you can find the necessary equipment to start broadcasting your gambling activities. However, as with any other endeavour, take the time to research the topic and get opinions from experts, especially experienced streamers.

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