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August 11, 2021

Macrina Kgil Takes Aim At Cryptocurrency Industry, Helps Grow is one of the largest cryptocurrency companies offering its services to buy, sell and trade crypto worldwide. It’s a premier platform that facilitates the exchange of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and many more. The company’s financial strategy is led by Macrina Kgil, having taken over as the Chief Financial Officer in 2018.

Over the last few years, cryptocurrency has become increasingly normalized and accepted widely, and this trend is likely to continue. Organizations such as under the financial leadership of Macrina Kgil are at the forefront of the movement.

Ascent to Blockchain Leadership

Beginning her career in South Korea, Kgil graduated from Seoul National University with a degree in petroleum engineering and chemical technology. After spending several years working under notable Korean companies such as Samil PwC, Kgil would transition to New York City to continue her work in capital market transactions, IPOs, and other prudent financial matters.

More than a decade later, Kgil took on the role of being the Chief Financial Officer at Kgil joined the company to help lead the company's finances and future growth plans and has implemented various strategies to help the company become profitable. In her own words, Kgil said, "I think my first board meeting with the investors was great because I presented them with a new perspective on our budget for the first time, focusing on the details behind it."

As the CFO of, Kgil has made it a top priority to build out and optimize the company’s monetization practices. Kgil came from a private equity startup and joined at a time when the company was rapidly building its customer base. Kgil has said, "I think one of my superhuman skills is building out an organization and building out processes."

Series C Funding Acquisition

The explosive and continued growth of cryptocurrency has allowed platforms like to continue to thrive with its most recent round of funding that it closed. Macrina Kgil was pivotal in helping through its most recent closing of more than $300 million in Series C funding from investors such as DST, VY Capital, and Baillie Gifford. Earlier in 2021, secured $120 million from macro investors. currently offers crypto wallets to its users and the ability to trade, exchange, and sell crypto, and Kgil intends to help expand the company’s core offerings and services. Kgil expects the company to grow and scale within the cryptocurrency industry with global growth as a top priority. Kgil has said, "My view is, I think, everyone should have a little percentage of their wealth in cryptocurrency because I do think it will be a currency or equity of the future."

Challenges for Macrina Kgil and

Currently experiencing what Kgil describes as a bull market for cryptocurrency, the industry hasn't always been easy to navigate. There are a few factors that must overcome. One such factor, Kgil points out, comes from conventional banking. Kgil has said, "Traditionally consumer banks have hesitated to work with the crypto community."

Despite explosive growth within the industry and increased normalization as society accepts and adopts cryptocurrency, there are still very real challenges ahead. Kgil said, "Many new and nascent crypto companies have a difficult time securing a bank account, required before they even begin to get funding."

Pointing to the success of, Kgil understands that the company is in a better position than many of its competitors. Kgil stated in an interview, "We do have all the infrastructure and we have the trust, and we're a company that's not offshore."

Thanks to its early adoption efforts, has established itself as a reputable face within a largely anonymous and new world. Kgil has said, "Now it's really a matter of, who do we work with? Something we can be proud of, compared to many other crypto companies."

Life Before the Blockchain

Prior to her work with, Macrina Kgil began her career in South Korea. After navigating through several Korean companies throughout her career, Kgil would relocate to the United States to work within PwC’s Global Capital Markets Group, to specialize in helping companies go through initial public offerings.

Notable roles Kgil has held in the financial sector include

  • VP at Fortress Investment Group
  • CFO at Springleaf Holdings (currently known as OneMain Holdings)
  • CFO at GPB Capital Holdings
  • CFO at

Kgil presently leads as its Chief Financial Officer in its financial operations, servicing more than 200 countries and managing billions of dollars in transactions spread across more than 75 million users.

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