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August 03, 2021

How Can Your Medical Facility Make Use of Smart Cards?

A medical facility always needs to make sure that they are on the cutting edge of technology and tools used. If you want to make improvements to your facility, introducing smart cards to your facility can be a great idea. Let’s take a look at some of the ways you can make use of smart cards around this facility.

ID Cards

One of the primary reasons why you might want to use smart cards in your facility is that they can be used as an effective form of ID. Giving these cards to your staff means that you will be able to easily identify who is a member of your team on sight, even if you have never met them before personally.

You might have a very big facility, and this could mean that not everyone knows each other by sight. This can make it difficult for members of staff to roam around and operate in departments that are not their own. You can also give these cards to visitors so that they can be identified too – something that is useful for security purposes.

Access Control

A medical facility is going to have many different areas, some of which should be off-limits to members of the public and some that should even be off-limits to certain members of staff. Though there are several ways that you could facilitate this access control, one of the easiest paths by far is to use smart cards.

These can be easily programmed from a central hub like a reception. The right smart card will be able to give a member of staff access to the places that they should be able to go, and these permissions can always be changed as needed. Whether you have a staff member who has been promoted and is shifting departments or you have a visitor who needs to be able to enter parts of your facility of their own accord, this pass will allow them to do so.

Cashless Payments

In your facility, you might wish to keep things as sterile and as uncontaminated as possible. This means that you might require staff to leave their personal belongings at the entrance to the facility, passing through a sterilization and decontamination process until they are able to enter the facility proper.

This can then mean that they have to leave their money behind them, as money does carry many germs that might not be suitable for the environment. Having smart cards that can carry payments will allow your employees to purchase food and beverages as they need within the facility, without having to leave it. This can also simplify the working life of any hospitality staff you have as they will not have to handle any cash themselves.

Smart cards are a good solution for a number of industries, but they have many qualities that a medical facility could find beneficial. Look into how you can add these to your working environment today.

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