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July 27, 2021

5 Important tools and technology that has helped gaming platforms in 2021

Video games involve interacting with an input device or UI so that the user can play for entertainment or competition. Video games initially were just sources of entertainment, but today they are also considered as a competitive sport. However, the main reason they have succeeded is because of their entertainment value. The most popular games are loved because they provide the thrill, surprise and entertainment that a player looks for in a game. This is what attracts millions of players from across the world. But with time, for each game, different options come up in terms of tools and technology that makes it more acceptable while ensuring demand. Here are five additions that have helped gaming in 2021.


Earlier, many video games were limited to single platforms such as PlayStation, and PlayStation gained a lot of popularity. However, not a lot of people were able to buy this device to play their favorite games and the number of users was limited. But then cross-platform games were launched and they were a hit. They saw a lot more consumers and players trying the game across the world. PlayStation, Xbox, windows, Nintendo, iOS, were available on multiple platforms. This increased the ease of access and saw an increase in revenue for games too.


Today there is multiple software available for building a video game. One doesn’t really need complex and heavy technology to do this. A basic game can be made by purely using an idea and a simple platform. GitHub and Google (News - Alert) gaming are some examples. However, one may say that if you need to add special features such as VI and great graphics, then a little more may be needed to do justice to the game.


Boosting is a great feature for players, especially those who want to get ahead quickly. It is also needed by those who have been stuck at a certain level and want to explore more of the game without having to spend ages. Boosting is used to change the level of the games by paying extra money. If you search online for keywords such as Destiny 2 boosting, you will find platforms that sell this service. Gamers use boosting for various reasons and when there is demand, there is supply.


Virtual reality and augmented reality have made video games so much more interesting and exciting. It has changed the way we see these games. But on top of this, games have added avatars for players. Facial recognition technology allows players to scan their faces and create characters that they want. The games may also follow the players’ facial expressions to create an experience that is more enjoyable for them.

Graphics and definition

Games with 8-bit graphics no longer exist. Advancements allow gamers to experience photorealistic features and increased playability. These graphics can be shown off through high-definition displays. Laptops and televisions with 4k display have lower price points now and gamers can use these to see crisp colors and definition of a scene.


Wearables are so in right now and they make gaming a little more fun than trying to sit in one place with a joystick or keyboard. Glasses and smartwatches make gaming portable without being invasive. Wearables had started off with fitness applications but are now being used in entertainment too They can be extensions of your body as well as extensions of gaming consoles.

Gaming has changed a lot since snake first came out. Today you can play on simple devices such as a mobile or complex device like an Xbox.

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