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July 21, 2021

FxPro in 2021: What Has Changed

is certainly one of the names in the Forex industry that most traders know and respect. While some companies may get complacent and stop implementing new features and products, FxPro continues to innovate and bring its platform to the vanguard of the industry through technological upgrades and better financial offerings for its clients.

The year 2020 was quite fruitful for both FxPro and its clients. With over 60 million executed orders, the company reached an important milestone — over 450 million orders executed over the long history of the company.

Today, over 1.8 million traders use the platform to conduct their business and invest both passively and actively in the biggest currency trading market in the world. Over 650 thousand new clients joining the FxPro platform in 2020 alone. It is a truly impressive achievement made possible only by consistent improvement on behalf of the company.

The broker also managed to acquire 8 awards from international and national committees once again proving that it deserves its position as a leader in the Forex industry. Among other awards, the company took home awards for the Best Trading Platform, Best Mobile Application, and Best Forex Trading Platform in Asia. MetaTrader also gave its prestigious award to none other but FxPro.

Improving technology

The company implemented several great technological improvements to both attract new clients and improve the quality of service for all users. For example, the FxPro app improved dramatically with several new features such as CFD trading, market analytics, and an integrated economic calendar making the lives of mobile traders much easier.

There are many great tools that the FxPro app offers to its users:

  • Special alerts that pop up during important economic events;
  • Two-step authentication and other great security features;
  • Quick deposits and withdrawals using the FxPro Wallet tool;
  • Expanded account management system.

Additional safety measures were implemented and then explained in detail to ensure that FxPro users are well protected in the trying pandemic times. Since most trades were working from home, the company added a special webpage to their website explaining what precautions should be taken when trading online and dealing with online money transferring in general.

Increasing brand value

While it is important to work on technology, there are other aspects of business that FxPro takes seriously. One of them is building a strong brand and improving its image on a global scale. The recent partnership with McLaren in the F1 competition was a big success and allowed FxPro to make a loud statement: it is here not only to stay but to help the fastest move even faster!

This partnership is a very important point of focus for FxPro. The future holds even more exciting collaborations.

The brand is strongly associated with charity and sponsorship of various sports and athletes. The success of the 2020 season for McLaren is another page in the long history book of partnerships created by this broker.

Should you choose FxPro?

Traders Union covered FxPro in its review very well and explained in detail why this particular broker is one of the best in the market. It has all the necessary licenses and documents to legally operate on multiple continents. It has a very strong presence in national markets in Asia and Africa as well as other parts of the world.

FxPro is certainly one of the finest companies in the whole Forex industry. With its strong focus on creating products that interest most traders and consistent technological improvement, the broker surely deserves its high ratings and praise from both experts and users.

For those who want to trade actively, the company offers a wide array of instruments, analytical tools, and special trading conditions to make trading more profitable. If you are interested in passive investments, you will be happy to learn about their special program — FxPro Invest.

FxPro Invest is a great opportunity for investors to make their money work harder than ever before. You will need to make a sizeable deposit (at least $2000), but the benefits are apparent: you will be able to choose the best traders to trade for you and grow your wealth without actively participating in the market which is the best way to make money for those who already have a small or a big fortune!

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