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June 29, 2021

Marc Zboch Shares The Best Mobile Therapeutic Apps For 2021

Technology is making it possible for healthcare to be delivered using mobile applications. These therapeutic apps are excellent, and Marc Zboch is a thought leader in the field of Telemedicine and how it’s revolutionizing the healthcare industry.   

The most significant benefit of using these apps is that they can provide many patients better care at a lower cost. There are many different categories and technologies involved. For example, machine learning has reinvigorated the industry, and there are many apps with these technologies integrated. With integrated machine learning technology, the apps are more likely to be highly effective and accurate.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning combined are changing the way we look at these types of apps. They are making them effective at actually solving medical problems. It is why we are at the start of a golden age with this technology. Things are only improving in the future, and it is crucial to understand how it works. However, there are not many resources that give you a detailed listing of these apps and technologies.

1. AI Integrated Apps That Combat Disorders Without Using Medication

One major use of artificial intelligence and machine learning is to help people deal with their disorders. You can use it to deal with these disorders using just your smartphone. The main reason for this is that we have advanced to such a level that we know how the brain works at an intricate level. We also understand most of these disorders, and these apps are programmed with that knowledge in mind. The best part is that these apps can be a great alternative to therapy for people who cannot afford them.

When we integrate artificial intelligence with this knowledge, we can use the massive amounts of data available to predict what we can do to alleviate problems with certain disorders. For example, there are many anxiety managing applications that help you handle your mental health problems. You have things like habits trackers that also help you create healthy habits and break bad ones. These are just the beginning, but there are many other apps to help you get the foothold you want in this world.

Apps using this technology include:

  • Sanvello - Used for Stress Relief
  • Shine
  • Talkspace

2. Apps To Track Food and Migraine Diaries

When people start tracking what they eat, they quickly realize how much they are eating. It is one of the easiest ways to get people to stop eating so much. All you have to do is force them to track what they eat and weigh themselves using their smartphones. This data can then show them how they are influencing the results they get.

You even have apps to help you track what you eat and how it relates to the migraines you get. These apps can help you find the correlation between your diet and certain things that are happening to you. For example, if you notice that you get breakouts when you eat peanuts, you can then test whether you have a food allergy to peanuts or not. It gives you a scientific way of looking at all of your allergens.

To help with these problems, you can use:

  • Migraine Monitor
  • Curelator N1-Headache App
  • Migraine Buddy
  • MyFitnessPal

3. Apps to Help Combat Depression and Use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Depression is a major issue that is slowly being helped with mental health applications. For example, there is an app called notOK for people struggling with the will to live. It allows you to press one simple button to let everyone around you know that you are not okay. They can then rush to your aid and give you the comfort and care you need. Apps like these are reducing the suicide rate.

There also many great mental health apps that deal with cognitive behavioral therapy. The majority of this involves meditation, and these apps are there to guide you through the meditation process. Meditation is one of the best ways for you to calm your mind.

A calm mind is one of the first things you need to do to get a handle on your life, and these apps can help:

  • Mood Kit
  • What's Up
  • Mindshift
  • CBT Thought Record Diary
  • IMoodJournal

4. Apps to Help with Neurodisorders

Certain brain disorders can be a huge problem for many people. Many apps help you understand how the brain works and show you what you need to do. The main way it does this is to provide context into your exam results and other information. You can then take this knowledge and put it with the information you have about how the brain works.

By combining information about how your brain works, you will easily figure out which parts of your brain are having problems. You can then focus on ways to alleviate these problems. For example, you could engage in exercise to help you solve specific problems with your brain.

Here are the best apps for these problems:

  • 3D Brain
  • Nerve Whiz
  • Neuro Toolkit

5. Mobile Apps That Help Deal with Diabetes

Marc Zboch is a big believer in using apps to help you deal with your diabetes. For many people, diabetes is a lifetime of struggle with eating the right foods and living a healthy lifestyle. These apps will help you track everything you are eating. It helps you know exactly what causes problems with insulin and what helps you. It also enables you to track your body and mood. It makes it easy for you to manage diabetes, and it is crucial for your success in 2021.

Get help fighting Diabetes with these apps:

  • Glucose Buddy
  • Diabetes Connect
  • Sugar Sense

6. Apps for Physical Therapy

Physical therapy can be difficult and be debilitating for people trying to recover. However, it doesn't have to be that way. Healthcare professionals can use many different apps to ensure that their patients are doing the work needed to recover.

These specific apps can help you during physical therapy at home:

  • PTGenie
  • Physera
  • PT Pal Pro
  • MedBridge GO for Patients
  • 23 Disc


Mobile therapeutic apps are crucial to success in 2021. You need to know the ones that will help you gain control over your life, making things a lot easier in the future.

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