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June 25, 2021

The Five Best Practices for Implementing Company Awards and How Your Company Can Reward Employees Creatively

Not every workplace understands the value of employee awards. Frequently, employees are left wondering whether their hard work and contributions to the company have been recognized or whether they are faceless members of the organization. Employees who do not have focused award programs at their workplaces run the risk of becoming detached from the company’s mission.

EDCO awards are available to customize and show your employees that they are a valuable part of your company’s success. This article will explore some of the best ways to use awards in the workplace, including creating and implementing award programs. Suggestions for new and different award titles and categories are also discussed.

Best Practices for Employee Awards

Here are five best practices for creating employee awards, along with a few examples of how companies can put these principles into action.

1. Award in Real-Time

Rather than exclusively waiting for work milestones or yearly anniversaries to give awards, it is best to give them frequently and in real-time. Making awards part of your company’s everyday culture can enhance your competitiveness and ensure that your workforce is motivated.

2. Public Recognition

Recognize your employees publicly. Occasionally, it may be best to quietly give an employee an award like a small bonus, but it is best to publicize the award in general. Public awards are especially useful for recognizing those behind-the-scenes players who are always pushing to make sure the company accomplishes its mission. It is good for these employees to receive public consideration, and it will encourage others to follow their example.

3. Consider Company Values

Think about your company’s values when you are creating an awards program. The program you create should align with your organization’s values. It should also be in concert with your company brand and with your mission and goals. For example, you should consider awarding an employee who has gone to great lengths to preserve the company’s integrity if integrity is one of your stated values.

4. Create a Culture of Employee Recognition

All employees will benefit when a company adopts a recognition-based culture. Employees who know that their hard work will not go unnoticed in the system are more likely to put forth their best effort.

5. Consider Starting a Points System

One of the most creative ways to assure that everyone gets the awards that they want is to create a points-based rewards system. When employees are recognized, they can save up points that they can use on company-branded merchandise and possibly gift cards or other financial rewards.

For example, having perfect work attendance for one month could gain an employee 10 points. When the employee accumulates 100 points, they could redeem them for a company-branded T-shirt or coffee mug. If they wanted to save their points for a longer period of time, they could wait until they had 500 points to receive a restaurant gift card. This type of program provides an intrinsic motivation for employees to participate.

Ideas for Awards

Some employee awards are classic and should not be altered, like Employee of the Month, but many others could be freshened up to provide more motivation to company workers. Giving creative awards shows employees that their supervisors are paying attention to how they actually spend their days at work. The following are some unique choices for awarding your best employees.

Recognition Award

Team members who continually recognize the efforts of others are valuable employees and should be the heart of your program. The constant peer-to-peer recognition being given by these key employees is a force that helps you retain workers and attract new ones.

Best Listener Award

This award is best for leaders and managers who are engaged in soliciting and acting on feedback. Too many supervisors do not consider how their actions are affecting their employees, but self-aware managers can adapt to the results of employee feedback.

Best Coach

One of the best qualities of a leader is being a great coach. Similar to sports coaches, a supervisor models ideal behavior while giving pointers on their employees’ activities and endless encouragement when needed. Workers who have a good coach in their corner are much more likely to succeed in the long run.

Values Awards

Employees whose daily activities best support the company’s values should always be recognized. Company leaders may have many different values that they place importance on. For example, trustworthiness is key. Recognize employees who have these sterling qualities at least once a year, and consider doing so quarterly.

Safety Awards

In an industrial workplace or an office setting, safety is one of the most important considerations. Safety officers should always be recognized, as should employees who have brought safety issues into consideration.

Professional Development Awards

When employees take the time to work on their personal skill sets, the company stands to make a major benefit. Give employees who have undergone work training or who have received college degrees fitting recognition.

Ensuring that Awards Reach Deserving Employees

Encourage your human resources department to do a complete study of how your workplace operates and decide which are the best categories for company-wide awards. Speak to individual supervisors to see which skills and accomplishments are the most important throughout the year.

EDCO awards are available to help you recognize your employees. With these fully customizable awards, employees will be proud to display them at home or in the office.

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