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June 25, 2021

Best Football Betting Apps for 2021 - Betting on Football on Mobile Apps

Betting on football match outcomes, the number of goals scored, the timings of outcomes, and other players' moves on the field to win copious amounts is the epitome of thrill for all betters. For this thrill, what you need is some money to spend and a reliable bookmaker. While you earn the former for you, we bring you all you need to know about the best football betting apps. 

The Best Football Betting Apps

Based on the factors described later in this article and the bonus offers provided by the apps, we have assorted some of the best football betting apps for you. 


Bet365 is one of the most popular betting apps all over the globe. It has more betting avenues than you can imagine and thus ample choices for you. As a new player, you get bonuses and credits in your chosen currency after making a minimum deposit. 


Sbobet is another sportsbook relied upon by thousands of betters. New players get a bonus and free bets. These become available only after you make the first qualifying bet. 

888 Sports

888 Sports betting app's name is synonymous with amazement in the sports betting business. The reason for this is that it features quite lucrative bonus themes and free bet offers. 

What to Look for in a Football Betting App

Numerous factors need to be considered while judging a Football Betting App for your betting experience. While the preferences of betters can vary from one to the next, here are the four main things that you should look for. 

Range of leagues and matches covered

It could come off as very disappointing as a football betting fan if your betting app does not cover all the leagues and matches. This could make you lose some great opportunities of winning. So, always lookout for this one thing. 

User experience 

A great betting app should be a perfect balance of aesthetics of designs and intuitive use. The app should not make you feel like you were living in 2014 and thus should have a great UI/UX. 

Ease of use

Understand this very clearly. The app you choose for betting should be easy to use and simple to understand. This would prevent you from getting confused and doing something that makes you lose money. You should also be able to use it in any country. If now, you should install a sports VPN to protect your identity online and unblock geo-restricted apps and sites.


Not all betting apps provide in-play live streaming of matches. This is important if you want to bet on the go and watch every single move of the players on the field. 

Football Betting Basics

The basics of betting on soccer start with knowing about the odds. These are numbers usually depicted as fractions such as $12/7. This means that for every $7 you bet, you will win $12. These odds are set by the bookmaker or the sportsbook where you place your bet. The odds are much in control of the bookies and the big betters who place the biggest bets. 

You also need to know about the vigorish, which is the amount that goes to the bookmaker. Suppose the bet to be placed is $110, out of which $10 is the vigorish. If you lose, you lose $110. If another better wins the bet, they win $210. This $10 goes to the bookmaker if one player wins and the other loses. This forms the basis for the earnings of the bookmakers. 

How to Find and Download a Football Betting App

When you decide upon the betting app where you want to place your bets, you need to search for it on the app store that works for your device. Install the apps from Google Play Store if you are an Android user or from Apple (News - Alert) App Store if you use an iPhone. 

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