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June 21, 2021

Online bingo software developers

There is an abundance of online games on offer for the keen gambler who wishes to play from home or on the move. Popular games such as slots, casino games, table and dice, sports events, and bingo. A well-established game in the UK already, live bingo is very popular in the United States also and over recent years has continued its upward trend thanks to the ever growing online bingo space.

People have often portrayed bingo as a game for the older society in which friends and family would meet up and play some rounds and catch up amongst themselves in a relaxed but entertaining setting. Online bingo, however, couldn’t be further from the truth. Games are highly competitive, with the improvements in technology making online play accessible for players of all ages and walks of life. Online gambling, as a whole, is on the rise in the UK, but Bingo is definitely the game to watch.

Why Online Bingo is so Successful

One reason is down to the ever improving software that online casinos use. Developers have used the many advancements in technology to enrich the online gaming experience overall. Software that nowadays allows online bingo sites to host millions of players at a time and consistently match them into games supporting their hardware devices and connection speeds to ensure a reliable and consistent online bingo session that is accessible to everyone. 

Playing UK Bingo Online

Another reason bingo, slots & casino games are so popular in the UK is because you can play them online. Numerous payment methods ensure depositing and cashing out is quick and easy, while you have a ton of promotions and bonuses to take advantage of. Plus, with so many UK bingo sites such as Foxy Bingo to choose from, you can choose the site with the best ongoing offers and promotions.

Foxy Bingo provides a good welcome bonus, and as you can see from any Foxy Bingo review, this is one of the better UK bingo sites. It also offers slot games and other casino games. If you’re unsure which  site to use for your online bingo, read Foxy Bingo reviews and compare them with reviews of other leading bingo sites in the UK.

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Who Produces the Online Bingo Software?

Online bingo sites will use specialist software developers to provide the games for their platform. They do not create the games themselves but select from a vast array of successful software developers which gives their members a wider selection of online bingo games including any variations.  


A major player contributing and developing online bingo software, Playtech is a name most online casino players will be familiar with. Formerly known as Virtue Fusion or VF back in 2010, is a trusted provider amongst online bingo players, a “go-to” game developer for this industry and many still refer to websites featuring Virtue Fusion software as VF sites. They offer a range of bingo variants including 90, 80, and 75 ball bingo.

PlayTech is commonly found within online casinos and especially in the online bingo section, with variants of the game, with beautiful themes and a user-friendly interface on all their games a common feature. Playtech produces quality and their standards remain high, ensuring that satisfaction is one of their utmost priorities which is why they continue to be at the forefront in producing online bingo games. 


Another developer is Dragonfish, a well-established provider and regular online bingo players will be familiar with their versions. They have a firm presence within the online gambling industry operating under the 888 company umbrella. They have a reputation for highly immersive and visually stunning games, Dragonfish also operate a few of their own sites via their network which include some of the most popular bingo games on offer. Their versions of online bingo include 90, 80 and 75 ball bingo games, and their own exciting 52-5 bingo(which features playing cards).

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