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June 21, 2021

Smartphones With the Longest Battery


Have you been in the following situation?

You’re having a good time outside your home and want to capture that moment by using your smartphone camera. However, you forgot to charge your battery, and the phone is almost dead. You start wondering how come that the battery lasts for such a short period when the phone is relatively new.

Everything affects your battery. Even small apps, such as the newest mobile casino games, which are considered light and not power-intensive, will drain your battery if you forget to close them properly.

Unfortunately, this is not only a software issue. How long your battery will last also depends on the type of battery and the phone brand. It’s safe to say that your battery’s life depends on the combination of software and hardware.

If it’s important for you to have a phone that has a long-lasting battery, this overview might be helpful. We tested more than 100 different models to develop a list of smartphones that have the longest battery duration.

Phones With Longest Battery Duration

According to our research, the phone with the longest endurance rating was definitely the Doogee S88 Pro, which scored an average endurance of 202h after being fully charged. If you were to use this model to talk, its battery would drain after 63 hours. Active web browsing is possible for as much as 35 hours, while active video playback could last for 28 hours. This is not bad if you’re traveling for a long time and don’t have a power bank with you.

Realme 6i occupies second place. Its battery lasts approximately 185 hours when idle, which is still pretty great, although much less compared to Doogee S88 Pro. You’ll be able to actively talk with Realme 6i for almost 35 hours or browse the web for 30 hours. Moreover, video playback lasts approximately 21 hours.

Other phones that made it to our top 10 list are Samsung Galaxy M51 (156h), Motorola (News - Alert) Moto G9 (155h), Xiaomi Poco M3 (154h), Motorola Moto G10 (152h), Xiaomi Redmi 9T (150h), Lenovo P2 (149h), Gionee Marathon M5 (148h), and Motorola Moto G7 Power (147h).

What About Popular Phones?

Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max is the best Apple (News - Alert) phone when it comes to battery life, with its average life span being 102 hours. As you can see, Apple doesn’t rank very well in this regard, as its devices are not even in the top 20 on the list.

The Losers

Some phones performed rather poorly on our battery lifespan test. The ultimate loser is definitely HTC (News - Alert) Titan II, which has a battery that lasts only 23 hours when idle. If you use your phone for anything, you’ll have to recharge it almost completely after four to five hours. Therefore, unless you have a very big power bank, you’ll always worry about your battery with this model.  

Fast-Charging Phones

Battery life isn’t the only thing battery-related that you should take into account when choosing a phone. Perhaps the other most important thing is how fast your phone can be charged. If a phone takes hours to be charged with a super-charger, even if its battery lasts for a long time, you should think twice and try to leverage the two factors. Ideally, the battery can be charged quickly and last for a long time, even if you’re a heavy user.

Conclusion: The Battery Issue Remains

No matter how good the batteries are, they will become weaker over time. Have you noticed that their lifespan becomes significantly shorter after a year or two? For some phones, we’re talking months. Therefore, it’s important to select a phone that not only offers a great battery but also preserves it for a long time.

Unfortunately, this is one of the issues that’s still being improved by all phone manufacturers, and it seems that the solution is nowhere in sight. The best you can do is buy a power bank and keep it with you all the time, especially if you’re traveling long distances where you plan to use your phone for hours. Make sure to fully charge your power bank and your phone before traveling to ensure that your battery will last as long as possible.

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