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June 14, 2021

First steps in turning your place into a "smart home"

Would it be nice if the front door recognized us and opened it on its own when we got home? Or would we enter the warm apartment in the meantime knowing we haven’t heated the empty rooms all day?

A range of smart solutions will help us make our home more conscious. However, according to the experts, real savings can only be achieved with them if we start creating a home by choosing quality raw materials.

All these ‘smart things’ are not something new in our lives. Most of us already have a smartphone, a smartwatch, and so on. We are becoming more and more accustomed to being able to control more and more devices easily and quickly with our phones. Because our phones are not only for entertainment purposes like watching YouTube (News - Alert) videos or playing games like crazy time. Because of its sophisticated system our phone can work as a remote controller for our smart devices and this our smart home.

We can keep their operation under control at all times, be it parking, changing TV channels, or scheduled washing. There are no more stumbles in the dark hallway, as it is now possible to turn on the lights in the living room in parallel with turning the key in the lock. We don't have to fight more with the garden irrigation system, as we can program it with a few keystrokes.

There are many benefits to automation, as in addition to saving time, we can use smart tools to reduce our home’s energy use and reduce our ecological footprint by reducing our home’s emissions. However, even the most intelligent software cannot work wonders if the physical environment works against it - say the experts. According to them, this is why the construction of a sustainable and economical house begins with the selection of the right building materials. No wonder more and more smart, energy-saving products are on offer.

According to experts in the building materials trade network, “smart” masonry systems and thermal insulation facades form the basis of a smart home. In addition, any additional innovative tools built-in can help us save significant overhead costs. With programmable and remote-controlled boilers, for example, it can be cool in the house all day, but heating can start just half an hour before we get home from work.

Their innovative chimney systems can also help save money by ensuring the optimal use of their fuel energy. Heat-insulated windows made of multi-layer glass protect against the cold, and special, heat-protective blinds protect against overheating. And another red dot next to the smart blinds is that they can descend on their own according to the time of day, even when we are not at home.

With the approach of spring, the time will soon come to realize our large-scale home-creation plans and dreams. That is why February should be about laying the groundwork so that we can make our lives even more comfortable and our savings even more spectacular by installing intelligent operating systems.

How can you expand your smart home?

1. Smart thermostat

The smart thermostat not only provides our comfort but is a super cost and energy-saving device. It is able to detect when we are at home and regulates the heating system of the apartment based on it. You can use your phone to program your preferred temperature and specify when to heat your home. With the help of most smart thermostats, we can control the most frequently used rooms in the apartment separately, so for example, it heats the living room better than the bedroom, where a lower temperature is preferred anyway.

2. Smart cameras

Whether it’s an outdoor or indoor model, they help our everyday lives with a number of super features. The outdoor model helps to strengthen our safety system, the indoor unit monitors either small children or pets and sends a notification to our phone if it detects any unusual sound or movement. You can get a live image of your home events at any time in the app.

3. Smart lock, lighting, and socket

When you get to work, you always wonder if you closed the door, turned off the light, pulled out the iron? Fortunately, there is help for forgetful people too! The smart lock can be opened or closed from anywhere and anytime through the app. Smart lighting can also be controlled from a mobile, you can adjust the color, intensity, or even timing of the LED lights. For iron and curler, it’s a good idea to get a smart outlet so they certainly don’t stay turned on while we’re away.

4. Smart speaker

This can be the centerpiece of your smart home. A smart speaker can be used for so many things, not just for asking Alexa, how’s the weather or to play some music while you shower. First of all, you can use your smart speaker to control your whole house, like make more light or start the air conditioner. But it can be used for automated tasks as well like when you wake up to tell you the weather or play some music when you arrive home. The possibilities are nearly endless.

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