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June 08, 2021

How Businesses Can Start Instagram Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing has become a thriving trend of social media marketing, that has helped in monetizing businesses to a large extent. Owing to authority and loyalty, one can leverage influencer marketing to gain real Instagram likes and engagement without the need to buy Instagram followers.

If you are someone who still hasn’t utilized the best of influencer marketing trends, now is the time! So given below are some tips and Shoutzer can help kickstart your business growth through influencer marketing.

Finding The Right Influencers

If you want to capitalize on Influencer marketing to maximize your engagement and gain real Instagram likes, you need to pick the right influencers. This means that you need to reach out to an influencer that resonates with the persona of your brand. For instance, if you have a makeup brand and you reach out to a fitness influencer, that might not sit well for your brand.

This is because a fitness influencer would have a large following who are interested in fitness, they may or may not interested in makeup. Not all influencers are right to market your brand, so do not go for the next best influencer that comes your way.

 If you want to choose the right influencer, you first need to decide the objective of your marketing campaign. Next, you can explore their profile and see the most commonly discussed topics on their feed to determine what niche category do they fall into. If they fit your brand persona, you can reach out.

Analyse Influencer Engagement

It is a myth that influencers with a million followers can help you reach a large audience. Although choosing influencers that have a large follower base is definitely an advantage, but it's quality over quantity. So do not get tempted by an influencer just because they have a large following. It is important to check the engagement on their account.

You can scroll through the Instagram feed of the person to see the number of likes and comments on their posts to get an idea about where they stand. There are various influencers who have chosen to buy Instagram followers from sites that do not provide a targeted audience. Hence, influencers with a low engagement rate will not help you yield higher profits so filter those influencers out.

Sell A Mutually Benefitting Proposition

Communication is the key to influencer marketing. If you want to make the best out of it, make sure to have a compelling selling proposition. Influencers are being contacted by various brands left and right today. If you want an influencer to pick you over your competitors, make sure to offer some value to the other party.

The deal that you offer should be mutually beneficial to your brand and the influencer. This may come in the form of free products or services, major discounts, monetary compensation, affiliate compensation, or a combination of two or more. 

Leveraging Third-party Platforms

When you are trying to monetize your Instagram through Instagram marketing, you are driving a lot of traffic to your feed. This means that now you need to capture your audience to increase the retention rate. To ensure increased conversions, you can leverage third-party platforms to optimize your feed.

Using these tools, you can not only buy Instagram followers but also auto-schedule posts, track analytics, and generate a targeted audience. There are various tools that can help you identify the right influencers of your niche so you can save time scouting influencers. Buzzsumo, AspireIQ, and Klear are a few tools, to begin with, that can help you get and manage influencers.

Keep A Track Of Your Influencer Marketing Analytics

No matter what type of marketing are you using for your campaign, tracking analytics to assess growth and scope of improvement is a must. Getting results is any marketing campaign’s ultimate goal hence it’s important to keep an active track of results and calculate ROI from different influencers.

For starters, you can execute your campaign by partnering with multiple influencers at the same time for maximum reach. You can then compare which influencer is getting maximum reach and engagement on your sponsored post to determine the perfect fit for your business.

Tracking and comparing will also give you a fair idea that which influencers are helping you gain real Instagram likes, and which influencers aren’t adding value to your target audience. You can also create unique coupon codes for influencers to track and compare sales from each.

Consider Long Term Partnerships

Having a one-time partnership with influencers can help you reach a wider audience for a particular marketing campaign. However, maintaining long-term partnerships and making brand ambassadors can help in creating and maintaining the buzz. 

If loyal followers observe the influencer raving about a product constantly, it helps in building and earning the trust of the audience. Having long-term relationships can help you gain brand loyalty and brand authority, without having to buy Instagram followers that don’t add value to your brand.


If you want to connect with a larger audience with a low cost and high ROI, influencer marketing is your answer. Without the need to buy Instagram followers and more cost-effective than traditional marketing, influencers are the present and future of social media marketing.

We hope these tips help you to gain real Instagram likes and accelerate your business growth. Stay tuned for more tips and tricks to ace your digital marketing strategy.

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