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June 08, 2021

How AI Can Play A Role In Online Gambling

In recent years, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has set foot in every corner of our lives, whether it is space research, robotics in the medical sector and other industries, or our households. It has substantially influenced numerous economic sectors in the past decade, including online gambling.

Some of you might have read the story on The Guardian about an IBM (News - Alert) Deep Blue computer that beat chess master Garry Kasparov 20 years ago. In January 2017, another AI-based computer program named Libratus beat some of the best poker players in the world - Dong Kim, Daniel MacAulay, Jimmy Chou, and Jason Les in a 20-day No-Limit Hold'Em poker tournament.

Libratus broke into human territory, analysing mistakes of human players during the matches and using it to beat them. Like Libratus, today, numerous AI's play a critical role in online gambling and influencing the casino business.

Here Are Some Useful Ways AI Can Play A Role In Online Gambling

Identify Gambling Addicts

Gambling addicts portray a negative image of the casino industry. It can land a casino site in controversies on tabloid newspapers, affecting businesses. AI helps in early addiction detection and prevention of such behaviours.

According to, many popular casino sites in the UK have AI monitoring the playing patterns already. It makes subtle interventions when players get lost in the excitement of playing online slot and table games. It keeps an eye on players playing for too long or have started to chase their bets and notify the online casino operators.

Data Collection and Analysis

AI's can gather customer-related information from club cards and loyalty programs. Using it, they can identify trends like game selection, game switching, game dropping or stop playing.

AI can help online casinos provide their customers with personalised gaming experiences, ads, and special offers. On the dark side, it can even help them with designing tailor-made content to lure gambling addicts.

Improved Customer Service

How many times have you felt like going nuts when you ask an online casino customer service for help, and the chatbot replies - I don't understand. Do you need help?

AI can process and use customer habits and communications to resolve problems efficiently compared to impersonal bots. It can provide intelligent concierge with personalised and logical answers.

Protect Casinos

In contrast to offline casinos, it is difficult for online casinos to watch player's every action. AI's analytical and self-learning skills can help casinos identify fraudsters. It can track down those players who cheat/hack and notify the casino. It can even deny access to the site for such players. It protects the casinos from hackers and gives a fair chance to honest players.

Capture Millennial Market

Currently, most gamblers age anywhere between 35-65 years. Millennials avoid entering a physical casino or playing casino games via desktop. AI with virtual reality (VR) technology can provide an engaging casino experience through mobile gambling games.


AI encourages responsible handling of gambling and customers. It plays a crucial role through personalised gambling experience and safe gameplay.

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