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June 08, 2021

Is OnlyFans Marketing Here to Stay?

It’s easy for those who doubt the platform OnlyFans to think of it as a passing fad. Many Social Media websites are now history with only those old enough to remember them still bringing them up as the butt of a bad joke (think MySpace (News - Alert)). So will OnlyFans, the fastest growing Social Media site during the pandemic meet the same fate?

Betting On OnlyFans’ Success

The Owner of SEO Bounty doesn’t think so. He is putting his long 20 years of Marketing experience behind the platform in hopes of making it legit. “I was shocked by what I found when I came into this community. A lot of scams directed at creators who most up until the moment they came onto OnlyFans hadn’t given Marketing and Promotion much thought.” It is true that the site created hundreds of thousands of new Online Marketers overnight with almost zero knowledge of the field. Richard decided to do something about it by creating the OnlyFans Secrets Podcast, a course on Udemy and a Blog for OnlyFans Marketers. He says though that still isn’t enough.

Do it Yourself Marketing

“I was hoping that most people would want to do a lot of the heavy Marketing lifting themselves, but it turns out most are still in dire need of assistance and for a company or consultant to do the work for them.” He is correct, most OnlyFans creators utilize the site as part time income and still have a full time job or daily responsibilities that don’t allow them the freedom to take a lot of time to do Marketing and Promotion. OnlyFans Hero on Twitter (News - Alert) has grown to be the largest promotion on Twitter and possibly online. While sites like Reddit only allow creators to be seen if their posts get enough upvotes, Twitter is a lot easier for creators to get exposure on. Millions of impressions a day are made on pages like OnlyFans Hero alone as creators and fans retweet their favorite pictures and posts. It’s a very large promotional opportunity for those that recognize it. With SEO Bounty able to create such a large promotion it’s easy to see why they have been able to grow so quickly to dominate the marketing landscape for OnlyFans.

Multiple Ways of Promotion for OnlyFans

OnlyFans creators have hundreds of marketing opportunities but most only use one or two. The most obvious are finding places to post racy pictures but that isn’t a formula for long term success. Most effective Marketing efforts are those that work for you while you sleep. “If you are having to post all the time yourself and if you miss one day of posting because you’re sick, your whole Marketing effort falls apart and you make no money that day, it’s not an effective way to Market’ says Richard. Paid (News - Alert) Search, Search Engine Optimization and Social Media growth are the keys to business success online large or small. You also want to make sure you have an effective email or Direct message system by which you can market to the same clients over and over again. If the only place you clients are located is OnlyFans then they really aren’t your fans but OnlyFans fans.

A Holistic Approach to OnlyFans Marketing

 Most OnlyFans Creators do need a more holistic approach to their Marketing. It can’t always just be throwing as many things at the wall as possible and hoping something sticks. SEO Bounty seems to be trying to drill that into the minds of those new to Online Marketing. It certainly is more than just putting a few posts on Reddit and hoping to succeed. If you can create a successful long term Marketing plan then your OnlyFans page is likely to succeed. “I’m doing all I can to shed light on bad actors, bad companies and opportunists at the same as educating hundreds of thousands of new fan site marketers” Richard says. Here’s hoping that he succeeds in his goals to clean up the OnlyFans Promotion and service landscape.


OnlyFans is more than just a get rich quick kind of site, it offers the opportunity for long term income and success. One company, SEO Bounty believes in that concept and believes in the content creators that are on the site. As OnlyFans Promotion and Marketing matures it is likely more people will embrace these concepts as well.

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