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June 02, 2021

Satellite Office Tech for Better Cloud Connectivity

2021 is the year working over the Cloud finally takes hold permanently. What tech will help you beat the competition?

Working from Home became the new normal in the middle of 2020. We were all shocked to see it happen the way it did, but there can be no denying that it changed the world forever. We now trust the digital; employers have learned to trust their remote workers… the whole economy has been balanced precariously on the shoulders of the satellite office.

Although this tech term was first coined back in the eighties, we never saw it realized in full HD color until now. Since there isn’t any going back for many of us, some tech devices will make the whole experience much more pleasant.

The Top Tech Devices to make WFH Simpler

Here are the winners to have emerged from the new WFH culture.

1 – The USB Hub

The USB hub is the new charging station of the digital age. We are now past the point of having multiple extension leads in multiple plug sockets around the house. Everything now charges via USB, except, perhaps, your laptop.

Using a USB hub, you can plug in your phone, tablet, cameras, speakers, and any other device you need to help you work faster and wiser. If you are the kind of person who always needs to charge the tech before using it, get one of these stations and have it all ready for you on your desk every day. Problem solved.

2 – The ViewSonic monitors

Although not entirely with us yet, other large firms are waking up to the fact that WFH is the way forward. As we reported earlier in the year, one of these firms has already got some big plans for future releases. ViewSonic has discussed how their new range of monitors will seek to boost production in those employees who work remotely. We call this keeping up with the times.

3 – A Kandao Obsidian Pro 12K VR Camera

For those that work from home via live streaming, this might be the ultimate tool. The Kandao Obsidian is one of the most innovative new VR cameras around. It has been ergonomically designed with the new normal in mind, and it was released early in 2021, meaning we can all get one if we can afford it.

How to Get Discounted Devices?

While many of us would love to live the digital dream, our financial situation doesn’t always make it possible. We are delighted to inform you that you can get discounted devices in one of three ways. The first: compare prices on a price comparison site. Secondly: negotiate a price for yourself by speaking with the online staff. Thirdly: find a discount code for your products and apply it at the checkout. You can find plenty of codes on Ansa UK to help you out.

Top Tech Sets You Apart

Let us finish by acknowledging why you need all this technology. Top tech sets you apart from the competition, lets you stand out to your employers, and can be used to attract more attention to your brand. If those aren’t reasons to invest in the technology of 2021, then we don’t know what is.

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