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May 17, 2021

What to Identify in a Learning Management System Software Comparison

When it comes to learning management system software, you have to pick the program that works best for your company. There are several critical elements of high-quality learning management system software. Here are some elements you should consider as you conduct a thorough learning management system software comparison:

Curriculum and Content Management

Content management is the backbone of the learning management system. These are the tools that allow you to create, upload and edit your curriculum. Because this is where you will spend the bulk of your time, you want it to be user-friendly. Depending on your course needs, you may require features like video capability, document storage, microlearning lessons and visual editors.

Gamification and Engagement Tools

You can increase employee engagement with rewards, leaderboards and badges. Gamified elements in learning management systems boost engagement, produce higher return rates and more consistent learning outcomes. They also encourage healthy competition. To include these in your curriculum, seek out software vendors with engaging interfaces, notifications and alerts.


Quizzes and assessments are essential to determine whether or not employees have retained the information they learned. Performance on assessments and quizzes can indicate other courses or lessons for an individual to supplement incomplete knowledge, or it can report to management that certain aspects of course material need improvement.

Certification and Skills Tracking

LMS software is useful in keeping track of multiple employee certifications and facilitating training for various certifications. LMS software can store employee data and set reminders for update alerts. They can even provide reports to executives and government regulators on the certification status of your employees.

Mobile Learning

People are increasingly using their mobile devices versus their desktops or laptops. One possible feature of LMS software is its ability to translate onto mobile devices with a responsive website design or a mobile app. Mobile learning permits learning to take place from anywhere, even when your employees are away from their desks.

Social Learning and Message Boards

Social media groups and message boards bring people together to share insights and discuss critical aspects of the curriculum. This can be achieved without setting foot in a physical classroom, and learners can communicate asynchronously.

Some LMS software provides the ability to engage in synchronous communication as well. This involves two-way communication tools in real time. Synchronicity is supposed to engender a sense of community that learners might experience in a traditional classroom.

Privacy and Security

Critical security features in LMS software include intruder detection, user authentication, password integrity controls and access verification. Privacy controls are necessary to ensure sensitive information goes to the intended recipient.

Comparing Learning Management Systems Software

While many LMS platforms look similar on the surface, it’s important to examine each one closely. Develop a must list of features, then check each program against it. Consult client recommendations and testimonials and case studies, and use cases for more in-depth information about a software program.

Customer support can make the difference between the success and failure of a system. Make sure you choose a vendor with a strong customer support team. You want customer support to be your partner in the acquisition of your new software, not someone just trying to get you to upgrade to the newest version.

Conclusion: Comparing Learning Management System Software Is Essential

When comparing learning management system software vendors, it’s crucial to look at the above elements. It’s also not necessary to choose the most popular vendor; what works for one organization may not work for the next. You can go with a lesser-known alternative as long as it stands up in functionality and reliability. Naturally, do your due diligence before selecting a vendor, and that free trial never hurts. Learning management system software is a significant decision. You want to be sure you make a decision that aligns with your company goals.

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