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May 17, 2021

Simplify Employee Scheduling With Time and Labor Management System

Scheduling can be one of the most time-consuming and unnecessarily complicated tasks for employers. Making sure your employees are properly scheduled seems like a simple task, but it always ends up taking hours or changing last minute.

What if we told you that there was a much more efficient way to schedule your employees?

That is exactly what a time and labor management system is. In this article, we’ll be discussing how this system can simplify your workflow.

What Is Labor Management?

Labor management is the process of optimizing your employees’ productivity. Unsurprisingly, scheduling them properly and making sure everyone is on the same page is a big part of labor management.

This process accurately looks at how many employees you’ll need for any given week. This gives you the foresight to source the right amount of labor.

One of the most useful parts of labor management programs is their ability to schedule your staff and provide other time management tools like clocking in and out. This leaves little to no discrepancies for attendance and everyone is on the same page.

Why You Need These Systems

Research shows that managers spend over three hours on scheduling employees a week. This accounts for 20% of a manager’s time on any given day. If you add that up, that’s 140 hours a year spent solely on scheduling your employees.

However, this is only if you decide to do it manually. If you use time and labor management systems, you can greatly optimize your efficiency.

By leveraging employee portals, scheduling a shift and even switching it around between employees is a much more streamlined process. This is exactly why employers need these systems.

Benefits of Time and Labor Management Systems

So what are some tangible benefits you get from using time and labor management systems?

One is the ability to go paperless and automate your functions. No longer do you have to keep paper documents to track your employees’ hours. By moving it all online, both you and your workers can better access their time sheets. They also reduce errors like miscommunication that lead to incorrect information. Because the process is simpler, there are fewer errors. This leads to less time spent fixing incorrect schedules.

Employees can also more effectively manage their time and schedules. Switching shifts is easier since the process is more streamlined. This reduces stress on their part and increases engagement with their actual work.

All of this leads to a more productive workplace. More specifically, time and labor management systems allow managers to spend less time manually configuring their weekly schedules and more time worrying about more important tasks. They also let workers dictate their own schedules and make switching shifts far less of a headache.

Leverage Time and Labor Management Systems Today

Simplifying your employee scheduling allows you to greatly improve your company’s productivity. Stop wasting time figuring out your scheduling process manually and invest in time and labor management systems today!

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