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May 11, 2021

Mobile Application Security 101

These days, mobile devices have transformed from simple communication tools to multi-tasking devices that can do everything. From shopping, ordering food to even getting basic directions can all be done using a mobile phone.  

That’s only possible because of the amazing world of mobile devices. In today’s post, we will dig deeper and talk about the testing of a mobile application. One of the major fundamentals of mobile applications is security.  

What is Mobile Application Security (News - Alert)?  

Mobile application security is the practice of safeguarding mobile apps from malware, vulnerabilities, data leakage, and more. It’s also a practice of lowering the risk of exploiting a mobile application. 

Note that any mobile application utilizes several components that are potentially vulnerable to some of the other weaknesses. To ensure that weakness is mitigated, developers should follow the best practices.  

The Importance of Mobile Application Security Testing 

Are you launching a mobile app for your customers? Then mobile application security is a very critical component of the development and maintenance stage. The Cyber Security Breaches Survey found out that at least 1/3 of all organizations reported cyberattacks on their business. That number reflects a sixty percent rise in cyberattacks on medium-sized enterprises and a sixty-one percent increase in cyberattacks on big-scale companies. 

Mobile application security is necessary to safeguard your business and your users. The following are major reasons you must focus a substantial amount of your attention on mobile application security.  

  • Lower mobile app threats 

Acknowledging possible security risks before any cybercriminals could exploit them is important. According to a survey, there were high-risk vulnerabilities found in forty-one percent of Android (News - Alert) apps and thirty-eight percent of iOS apps.  

The most typical security risk is more likely to be unsecure data storage exploited by cybercriminals using malware.  

  • Deal with mobile app problems 

It’s essential to address the problem when a cyber criminal exploits a security vulnerability you were not aware of. Attacks and hacks can still happen despite your efforts to mitigate against security risks. 

Be ready for the worst right from the beginning so you can prevent possible damage. Bugs interrupting the performance of your mobile app could also cause security threats. You need to fix those bugs the moment you discover them.  

Act Today! 

Statista found out that an estimated 218 billion app downloads took place in 2020. The number show signifies both paid and free apps across all mobile platforms. Hence, it is no surprise that mobile applications are being targeted more and more by hackers.  

Releasing an app could be beneficial to your users. However, you should take the necessary precautions. After all, your mobile app will not be so useful if it results in the theft of user data. You can keep your mobile application security at its best by using a mobile application security testing tool like the Pradeo Mobile Application Security Testing solution to mitigate any possible security risks. 

Monitor your application after its launch so you can also determine and deal with any possible vulnerabilities or problems. 

That effort can require a huge amount of energy and time. Still, it is better to be safe than sorry. After all, a substantial security problem could cause you to lose loyal customers and reflect negatively on your brand’s overall reputation.  

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