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May 11, 2021

Six Technologies to Use in Your Manufacturing Business

When running a manufacturing business, it is essential to be completely abreast of all the changes in the industry in order to keep up with customer demand. That is why it is essential that your business understands and implements the right technological tools in order to succeed. Whether you are a floor manager or a CEO, this guide has been created to explain the six different types of technology that could prove a success in your manufacturing business. Read on now in order to learn more.

Inventory Management Tools

When manufacturing any product, it is essential to know which materials are in store and which materials urgently need to be ordered. This is where an inventory management tool can come in especially handy, allowing you to get a grip of what it is stock, meaning that the likelihood of delays is far lessened. This will also help you to run a lean process based on the principles of just-in-time manufacturing, essential if you want to run a tight ship.

Smart Timekeeping Tools

Timekeeping tools are extremely important when it comes to knowing how long workers should be on the factory floor, especially if you are hiring people on part-time or zero hour contracts. While in the past people would have a time-sheet that would be stamped, an online tool allows for a seamless transference of time-stamped data that can help organize budgets and maintain consistency in management


Supervisory control and data acquisition systems are extremely necessary when it comes to interacting with machinery and other processes in a manufacturing context. The world-class SCADA/PLC system provider Telstar Instruments can help you with procuring these automation systems for your manufacturing business, allowing you to realize its full potential.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality can be an essential tool when it comes to both managing and showing off your factory floor. This is especially true in the times of coronavirus when it comes to minimizing the risk of people contracting the disease on the factory floor. Now you can tour the entire site with the power of virtual reality, allowing people to get insights that may never have seemed possible before. 


Whether it is full-dimensional layouts and plans or parts actually needed for the construction itself, 3-D printers have grown to be an essential part of the manufacturing industry. While they may cost a fair amount to install, especially on a large scale, this is nothing compared to the types of savings that could be made by installing this type of technology.

Customer Relationship Management System

When working with customers, it is essential to have a good system in place that can manage those relations. With a solid CRM system, one can understand the different orders that are coming in and be sure to meet their demands on time, allowing for a swift and lean production process that maximizes efficiency while managing to minimize waste at the same time. It also makes it easier to deal with customers and their specific needs without the room for human error.

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