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May 06, 2021

7 Must-Have Features for any LMS

Planning to integrate a Learning Management System streamlining your employee training process? LMS can be an integral element to facilitate learner engagement contributing to the growth of your organization.

However, this is possible only with the right Learning Management System. Concerning this, here are some of the must-have features you should look for in a while going for Custom LMS development.

What is the Learning Management System (LMS)?

Learning Management System is software that helps organizations deliver better learning opportunities. It allows professionals to manage and provide e-learning courses and learning material. Besides, it can be used to evaluate a learner's performance in using the data repository.

7 Features of a quality LMS

  • Accessibility: E-learning calls for mobile compatibility that can help the users learn anywhere, anytime. However, one can fully leverage the benefits only if the learning content can be easily accessed effectively—be it on a smartphone or a desktop.
  • Security and Privacy: Being on the internet security and privacy concerns cannot be overlooked at any front. Meanwhile, know that an LMS system can feature much of your employee's personal information like home addresses, emails, phone numbers, and social security numbers. Hence, ensure that your Learning Management System also features privacy controls and hosts:
  1. An automatic backup system in addition to password-secured logins.
  2. Utilizes server locations for better results.
  3. a compliant eLearning vendor based on the formulated standards of the industry.
  • Trackers for offline learning: In any organization, there are often roles that require manual training and assessments. And for professionals in this sector, tracking and storing learning data can often be a task. Thus, to bring the offline learning practice back online, an LMS should allow learning and development pros to record and analyze offline assessment results. This can be done via electronic record creation and the personalized assessment checklist listing skills or abilities that need to be evaluated.
  • Easy user interface: There is no point in investing in an LMS if only a few learners can understand how to use it. Therefore, in order to make the most of an employee's potential, an LMS should be easy to use and navigate. The overall learning experience should be comprehensive so that the users can become more invested in the process.
  • Data Migration process: Another factor contributing to better usability is the LMS's data migration process. With your newly integrated system, you are likely to have extensive data that you plan to use in the future. To cut down the hassle, ensure your LMS supports various common formats and make the data migration process much more seamless.
  • Automated Notification alerts: Keeping track of every learner's need and performance is what most managers and L&D pros often struggle with. Concerning this, automated alerts and notifications are a necessary LMS feature. Auto-alerts work by notifying learners about their training deadlines or informing trainers on a user's completion rates. A quality LMS can serve you and your employees with all the rightful insights at the right time.
  • Brand integration: Your brand is what speaks of you and your motives. Hence, in order to best represent your organization, an LMS must allow easy integration of your brand image. Try using your desired color schemes, logo, and layout to make the most of your learning management system. LMS featuring branded content allows you to present a clearer picture of your brand at every step of the learning process.


The practice of eLearning can be seen at a whole new spike with Millenials entering the higher learning institutions. And with the growth and requirement of the tech-savvy workforce. A right Learning Management System can help improve your educational methods, making them more relevant and appealing to the users. Thus, choose your LMS system wisely, heeding all the crucial aspects.

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