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May 04, 2021

Artificial Intelligence (AI) revolutionizes the casino industry

Artificial intelligence, also known as AI, has a huge impact on our daily lives. It is integrated in our smartphones, where it, among other things, makes it easy for us to shop, search for information, find the shortest way from A to B via apps and play online games via your phone. The fact is, that AI and the development of AI, shows that much of the development goes in the direction of a more personal user experience, where technology becomes an important part of people's lives. Most industries have begun to investigate how best to implement artificial intelligence and data analytics technology in their products and services. The casino industry is notoriously innovative and is often the first to use new technology, as can be seen on Artificial intelligence is gaining momentum even in this field.

What is artificial intelligence?

An american professor of computer science, John McCarthy, defined AI, 60 years ago, as follows: "Artificial intelligence is the science and engineering of making intelligent machines, especially intelligent computer programs". Even though a lot of things has changed since then, the description still remains the same - AI is, by and large, about getting computers and robots to do things that previously only humans could do. Artificial Intelligence is thus an expression of making computers imitate humans. To perform tasks that normally require human intelligence.

AI fosters a tailored gaming experience

Online casinos have already spent a lot of time analyzing customer behavior, much like land-based casinos have previously looked at which architecture and interiors best encourage customers to play more. When online casinos sit on amounts of data about the various customers, they can, for example, better predict what kind of needs some players will have and what makes them play, quit or change games. This helps them to maintain customers for a longer period of time. This can be interesting, for example, when it comes to betting odds. With the help of data analysis, one can look at what kind of odds certain types of players are tempted by, what kind of bets they typically place and what sports they prefer. This type of data is important for gaming companies in order to provide their customers with a better and more tailored gaming experience.

Play against a supermachine

We have all read and heard modern supermachines that knock human opponents down in boots in complicated games such as chess, Go and League of Legends. It was thus perhaps no more than a matter of time before one taught a computer to become good at poker. More and more poker tournaments are being held where the opponents are nothing less than super machines, developed by artificial intelligence. Competition is increasing and these supermachines are getting smarter and more well-developed every year.

AI and challenges

Although AI seems like a convenient, accurate and smart solution, there are undoubtedly some challenges and considerations that come with all of these options. The main disadvantage of AI is the ethical issues that exist around AI. This deals in particular with a skepticism and concern about privacy, as well as how AI goes in and takes over human judgment. It is therefore discussed frequently whether AI should take over the majority of business processes, or whether you should keep an activity such as customer service, as an non-artificial zone, to maintain some human judgement.

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