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May 04, 2021

The Advantages of NBN Technology Over Other Internet Connections

The NBN is Australia’s newest high-speed broadband network that’s being rolled out to every home and office. Gone are the days when slow Internet speeds hindered Australian businesses - until recently, we were ranked behind countries like Slovakia and Malta in terms of reliable Internet connectivity. NBN or National Broadband Network (News - Alert) is here to change all that and take online experience in Australia to an unimaginable high. 

From better communications to more entertainment options, the NBN Technology aims to provide all Australians with access to the Internet. It is the first national, open-access communications network in Australia. An NBN connected Australia is ready for a digital revolution that goes much beyond faster streaming and online gaming.

So is NBN the solution you’ve been looking for? Here’s a list of advantages of NBN Technology over other Internet connections.

Faster internet Connections

The NBN gives home and business users super-fast Internet services compared to other broadband connections. In fact, the maximum download speed of NBN is almost four times faster than other Internet connections. This is the main reason why NBN is so sought after by businesses.

Increased Productivity

With increased speed comes increased productivity. NBN users can quickly download files, send large email attachments, or store and access data in the cloud very fast.  The faster bandwidth allows more people to collaborate on documents and screen share programs. Businesses can trim down network infrastructure; more work can be done in real time with fewer delays and connectivity issues – internet speed is virtually everything.

Global Communications

High speed NBN technology makes it easy for millions of businesses and homes to foster national and global communications. Studying and work from home becomes a whole lot easier using remote connections, internet calls and video conferencing. With NBN you can enjoy faster B2B and B2C connections worldwide.

Now is the time to enjoy high-quality video calls with faraway friends and family; dial into important client meetings with no dropping out or freezing.

Moving Towards the Next Generation of the Internet

NBN uses a Multi Technology Mix (MTM) to connect business to the Internet, wherein diverse locations can be interconnected to yield fantastic business benefits. This can help improve the economy and the overall work life balance in the country.

Increased Online Presence

In this age of Internet, online promotion is everything for a growing business. People should be able to find you; the key is to keep customers interested about your products or services. A good website can help achieve that - by appealing to new customers and by continuing to engage existing customers. Social media and email campaigns play a significant role in such promotions. A reliable, quick internet can help all of these, and NBN does just that.   

Better Healthcare

High Speed NBN connections enable doctors and nurses to use video conferencing and various other online communication tools for routine health consultations.

Distance Learning

Another key advantage of NBN fibre is that it enables schools to provide students with high speed, reliable internet connectivity. This promotes more distance-learning or e-learning opportunities for students with remote locations.

Entertainment Access

NBN opens up a plethora of entertainment opportunities and media access for its users. You can stream, download music, videos, movies at super-fast speeds. Just to give you an idea about how fast NBN technology is, you can download a feature film from the Internet in seconds or within a minute. No more buffering and disconnections. Share photos and videos instantly from across the world.

Are you ready to take advantage of NBN? If you are located in Perth or Western Australia, NodeOne offers NBN in Perth.


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