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May 04, 2021

Shop analysis - make the most of your e-commerce business

Your e-commerce business is technically optimised, the customer shopping path is intuitive and you rank high in search engines, but you are still not satisfied with your profit from sales? Maybe your offering is not as attractive as that of your competitors? We can show you how shop analysis and competitor price monitoring can help convince your customers to buy your products.

What is automated e-commerce analytics?

The aim of automated e-commerce analytics is to continuously gather data on your competitors' offering, prices, product availability, promotional activities and rankings on the price comparison websites. You can use such collected data, for instance, to implement an effective price policy, which will help you increase your profit from sales, rank higher on price comparison websites and in the search results of marketplaces, retain your customers and acquire new ones.

Are automated tools really necessary to monitor the competition?

The quantity of data that need to be analysed is enormous and changes dynamically. The factors that contribute to this include: very strong competition, extensive product portfolios of other shops and promotional activities, which are introduced on an ad-hoc basis. Consequently, it may be a pointless effort for you to manually analyse the data concerning your competition because they can become obsolete before you even complete your job and prepare the report.

Automatic tools, like the ones offered at, which are also supported by experts in e-commerce pricing strategies, can provide you with updated information about the offers of your competition to let you introduce an effective price policy by optimising product prices at your online shop.

Does an effective price policy always have to involve discounts?

It should be emphasised that price optimisation can be more than just price reduction. The purpose of an effective price policy is to increase your profits from sales, which can also be achieved by raising the price. When? For instance, if a product of your competition is temporarily out of stock, no one except you sells a specific item, or your current offer is much lower than the prices of your competitors. By raising the price in such situations, you will keep your ranking on price comparison websites without losing the customers who are looking for the cheapest offer.

Still not convinced? Request a free analysis of your shop

Free shop analysis offered by Dealavo – e-commerce analytics can show you how much information you can use to increase your profit from sales. During the free analysis, you will find out:

  • how your shop is doing in comparison with your competition;
  • which of your competitors offers the lowest price;
  • how big your market is;
  • what actions you can take to convince the customers to your offer.

Thanks to the free analytics of your shop, you will find out how e-commerce price monitoring can offer you long-term benefits, enabling you to continuously adapt your price policy to the actions of your competition and situation on the market.

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