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April 28, 2021

Top Freelancer Software Tools for a Successful Business Startup

Even though starting a business is usually extremely exciting, it can also be very frightening at the same time. Of course, when you think of being your own boss and working whenever you feel like it, becoming a freelancer sounds like a wonderful idea. However, once you begin listing all the things you should take care of before your business actually starts paying off, the excitement levels start dropping minute by minute.

Luckily, modern times have brought about various tools that have proved to be particularly helpful for freelancers who want to become successful business owners. So, if you don’t want to waste your time looking for the best business software ideas that can make your freelancing life easier, make sure to check out this list.


Once you become a freelancer, you will have to take care of numerous different tasks throughout the day. At first, this may seem easy to remember, but once your business starts growing, your responsibilities will too. For this reason, the first tool you should make use of is a good task organizer, and Trello is the right one for the job.

This project management software will allow you to create different boards, move tasks around, and attach to them essential files such as your unique freelance consultant contract template you should have handy at all times. Moreover, Trello can be connected to Google (News - Alert) Drive and other apps, while the drag-and-drop system makes the whole board highly functional.


When you’re a freelancer, it means you don’t have a boss breathing down your neck and checking whether you are getting the job done on time. You can do your tasks whenever you want, as all the projects are scheduled, managed, and ultimately completed by you.

However, while this sounds incredibly amazing, many freelancers struggle with time management and the actual use of their working hours. That’s why you definitely need TimeDoctor — in fact; it would be best to install it even before you start your business in the first place.

This time-tracking tool will follow your work during the day and monitor your productivity. At the end of the day, you will be able to see how you’ve spent your time. You will also have an opportunity to analyze your working habits and change the way you work to make the best out of your day.

Evernote (News - Alert)

Whatever your area of expertise is, you will have to take a lot of notes. You may even need a tool that can be synced on all your devices, allowing you to share what you’ve taken down between your PC and mobile phone.

One of the tools that have proved to be highly useful to hundreds of freelancers is Evernote, as it allows you to take notes, organize them, set reminders when needed, and more. What’s more, you can create notes for both your business and personal life while keeping them separately within the same tool for easier access. This way, you will reduce the chance of ever forgetting something, as all your attention will be directed towards one virtual notebook.


When you own a business, your correspondence skills must be on the highest level. This means that you shouldn’t make any grammar mistakes and that the form and style of your emails and messages ought to look professional.

Even if you are a fluent language speaker, there is a possibility that you will make a mistake unintentionally. To prevent this from happening, you should install a tool such as Grammarly. For instance, it can be added to your browser as an extension. This way, it can draw your attention to the mistakes you’re making while typing and make suggestions that would make your sentences better.


Finally, once you’ve developed your business and started working with many clients simultaneously — or even started employing other people — you will need a user-friendly communication platform. Slack can jump in and help you with all the business-related communication and organization when this moment comes.

Additionally, Slack can also be connected with other apps and tools. Combining all of them will make your freelancer life much easier, more productive, and, eventually, more rewarding.

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