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April 22, 2021

The Ultimate Guide to Rocking your Tech Interview

Have you ever had a technical interview before? If yes, that’s great! If not, don’t stress! We’ve got you covered. In this article, we give you some tips on how to prepare yourself for a technical interview in the best possible way. After all, a tech interview can be quite different from a ‘normal’ interview. Curious what you should do when preparing for a technical interview? Then make sure to read on!

Study on questions about technical methods and skills

A technical interview most often implies that you have to answer questions about technical skills and methods. Think for example about writing code in different languages, working with data structures, understanding algorithms or using BI tools. Therefore, make sure that you know what tools and skills are necessary for the role, so that you can study the basics and cover their questions.

Prepare to demonstrate knowledge

A technical interview is not just about answering questions. Some companies require you to do a real-time monitored challenge to see how you code. They can send you an invitation to a video call or invite you to the office so you can demonstrate your coding skills realtime. Some companies don’t ask you to demonstrate your skills realtime, but send you a take-home assignment. Then you often get a timeframe of for instance 48 hours to finish the job.

Prepare a elevator pitch

Some tech companies find an elevator pitch outdated, but still many companies ask you to present yourself in a 1-minute-pitch. As a coding challenge and answering questions are best to show your knowledge and technical skills,  a pitch is a great way to demonstrate your soft skills and passion for the job.

Dress professionally

Don’t forget that a technical interview is only about demonstrating your knowledge and hard and soft skills, it’s also about the first impression of you. Therefore, make sure you dress properly. Find out more about the culture of the tech company you’re applying to. Do they have an informal culture? Then go for a business-casual outfit. Combine for instance a merino t-shirt (Dutch: merino wol shirt) or a V-neck (Dutch: V-hals trui heren) with a colbert.

Breathe and smile

For some common-sense, but many applicants forget to relax and breathe. After all, your body language oftens says more about you than your vocal communication. So hereby a reminder: breathe. And don’t forget to smile!

Hopefully these tips will help you to rock your tech interview. Good luck!

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