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April 14, 2021

Playcent Games: Get Ready for a CTV Gaming Revolution

Connected television (CTV) is taking 2021 by storm and it is not hard to see why. The convenience of being able to access hours and hours of streaming content from multiple providers on a smart TV or other devices is very enticing CTV has democratized media consumption, opening new shows and serials to more people than ever before in a myriad of new ways.

It is easy to focus on CTV’s potential with regards to media like TV shows and films, but gaming is the real dark horse in this race. Accounting for a few percentage points of the industry at present, CTV-based gaming is set to explode in popularity in 2021 and beyond. One of the pioneers in this field, a leading technology innovator dedicated to bringing CTV gaming to the masses, is Playcent Games.

The A-Team of CTV Game Development

Playcent Games is a team composed of some of the leading thinkers in game development today, a team characterized by its pursuit of excellence in its chosen field. The team’s members, who come from several countries and have a truly international perspective as a result, saw the potential of the CTV industry but were disappointed by the lack of professional games available. They wanted to change this and bring gaming to CTV, and be part of the next great leap forward in games technology.

The company’s off to a good start with titles like Crazino under its belt, and Playcent Games has plans to release more game apps soon. Crazino is one of the world’s first social casino games, designed to feed the player’s enjoyment without the need for real cash to be involved. Since Crazino launched, its total number of monthly active players has increased by 280%, a fantastic achievement for a new game in a broadly untested market.

This is because CTV gaming has suffered from a lack of attention from game developers, who see it as a risky venture. The novelty of the CTV industry has been off-putting to game publishers who believe that already existing services and technologies are more reliable mediums for their products. Additionally, having to create dedicated CTV apps puts others off, making them more likely to create content for pre-existing sites like YouTube (News - Alert) instead.

Changing Consumption Thanks to a Coronavirus

Times are changing however, and with the massive upsurge in interest in CTV since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic comes renewed and real interest in CTV gaming. People have been and continue to be glued to their sofas and TV sets, creating huge captive audiences for CTV gaming and other content. New audiences are being discovered, swatches of the population are finding new ways to consume media along with entirely new forms to become addicted to, and CTV-based games are no exception.

That’s where Playcent Games find itself at present, a crossroads of technology innovation and changes in market behavior. As a game development company focused entirely on the CTV industry, it stands ready to take part in this exciting revolution of gaming content and consumption. The company has ambitious plans for 2021 and the years to come, and is determined to take over the market entirely to ensure that gamers have access to the finest possible CTV games a company can make.

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