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April 13, 2021

5 Reasons Cord Cutters Should Consider Switching to Live TV Streaming

According to Merriam-Webster, Cord Cutters are people who decide to end their cable subscription, which was once the main form of home entertainment. Many people are turning to available streaming options such as Netflix, Amazon Prime and AppleTV+ instead of cable. There are live TV streaming alternatives for consumers like FuboTV which covers everything from sports to entertainment. For more information, be sure to check out some FuboTV Reviews

Live TV streaming, also known as Over-the-Top TV streaming services, offer the ability to watch popular TV channels, without paying the expensive cable price.  Here are five reasons that will have you thinking of cutting the (cable) cord yourself. 

1. The Price of Live TV Streaming is Cheaper

Money, money, money. The cost of any product is always an important factor in how consumers decide where to spend their hard-earned money. People want the best bang for their buck, especially in the way we consume modern entertainment. 

The average monthly cost of cable is around $100 compared to $50 for live TV streaming.  The cost of cable could be twice that much if the viewer wants to add on specialty channels. 

Why pay double the price to watch a live event with cable when you can save your money and still have the same experience as everyone else watching the live event? Everyone wants to feel part of a shared viewing experience, but you don't have to pay twice as much for it. Streaming is more cost-efficient.

2. Customizable Packages 

Like cable, live TV streaming services also offer different packages that can be tailored to your viewing preferences. All consumers only want to pay for channels that interests them and will actually watch. 

Customers can chose their preferred channels from an à la carte menu rather than being forced to accept whatever bundles the cable companies' package. Customizable packages also allow a consumer to do a deep dive on entertainment genres. 

For example, with FuboTV you can buy channel add-ons that are specific to your viewing preferences, such as Latino Plus for Spanish speakers or NFL RedZone for sports fans.

3. Regional and International Options

A benefit to live TV streaming is the ability to gain access to both local channels and international channels. The customizable content is perfect for people who appreciate different perspectives from various nations. This is useful for people who can speak multiple languages or for people who enjoy watching sports, like soccer, in different countries. These channel options give worldly people an opportunity to explore different content.

4. On-Demand Shows

One of the benefits of live TV streaming is the ability for a live event to be recorded automatically. Live TV occurs whether you're there or not. But with the ability to pre-record shows, you can schedule to watch a program when you're ready on you're own time. Some cable companies will charge extra for this feature that is already included in live TV streaming.

5. Device Compatibility 

When you think of television, you usually imagine it playing on a television set. Now television can be watched from a laptop, tablet, or cell phone. Live TV streaming allows for television to be watched on many devices at once and in different rooms at once. This also allows for live TV to be portable and downloaded to watch on plane rides or car rides.


The top reason cable users are holding on to cable is the ability to watch live broadcast content. However, with live TV streaming you are receiving the same experience, with extra benefits included, and for a fraction of the cost. If you are considering cutting the cord, you can still have a great live TV experience by using a streaming service.

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