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April 06, 2021

Top Reasons to Buy Toyota RAV4 in 2021

A compact crossover has become the ride of choice for countless families worldwide. The ease with which a crossover sneaks in through city traffic with its compactness and yet retains a ton of practicality and spaciousness inside its cabin are attractive traits for most car enthusiasts. And when it comes to one of the oldest small-size SUV crossovers in the segment, the Toyota RAV4 2021, the latter surely knows how to entice its audience.

The 2021 Toyota RAV4 is part of its fifth-generation and carries forward little changes from the 2020 model. Toyota has ensured that its bread and butter car stays fresh, as it only went through a redesign back in 2019. Here we discuss all the perks of buying Toyota’s bestselling vehicle in recent times.

Reasons to settle for the 2021 Toyota RAV4

1. Above-average fuel economy in its class

The fuel-powered RAV4 with the front-wheel drive train returns splendid MPG figures of 27 in the city and 35 on the highway, with a combined MPG of 30. Those are quite frugal figures for an SUV, with even the all-wheel-drive variant shelling out MPG figures of 27/34/30 for city/highway/combined.

Hybridization stamps further authority on its fuel efficiency, with the RAV4 Hybrid lending out 41 MPG in the city and 38 on the highway. This equates to a sensational combined MPG of 40, a figure that is hard to rival for most competitors. Buyers of the RAV4 Hybrid will relish the bucks they save by sparing a trip to the fuel station.

2. Very roomy in the cargo space department

The RAV4 offers 37.6 cubic feet of space behind the rear seats with them intact. This space is commodious enough for families to stow away their bulky luggage in the back. Fold the rear seats down and the maximum available cargo space now stands at 69.8 cubic feet. This turns the RAV4 into practically a wagon. The RAV4 Hybrid doesn’t eat away any space with its battery pack either and still retains the same cargo dimensions. These commodious figures are unmatched in the hybrid segment. For extra utility, Toyota also provides a 12-volt power outlet and tie-down hooks for the cargo area.

3. The hybrid variant is within the pricing range of the regular RAV4

The regular RAV4 starts at $26150 which is a bit above-average for its segment but still within affordable standards. The RAV4 Hybrid starts at $28500, which isn’t very costly either. With so little difference between the price tags of the regular and the hybrid RAV4, the hybrid variant is an absolute bargain. Investing in the hybrid RAV4 will save you a lot of cash in the long-run. You also play a part in saving the environment with its lower emissions.

4. Smooth ride quality

The RAV4 offers a smooth ride quality in any driving situation, be it cruising on a highway or navigating through your city corridors. The firm suspension setup absorbs the incoming shock from the maximum of the road undulations. Thus, the RAV4 can handle any road condition without any vibration creeping inside the cabin. The seats are also very supportive for long trips. The TRD Off-Road trim brings out its off-roading prowess with its increased ground clearance and a range of off-roading amenities. This trim is ideal for the relentless adventurer who loves to grind out his car in the wilderness.

5. Passenger friendly cabin

The interior dimensions of the RAV4 are well within the expectations of its segment. Four adults can easily fit inside the cabin without any hassle. There won’t be any fighting for elbow room or legroom among the rear passengers either. Overall, the cabin is well-suited for a family.

6. Standard all-wheel-drive for the RAV4 Hybrid

The RAV4 Hybrid includes all-wheel-drive as standard on all models. While this isn’t a gamechanger for traversing off-road terrain, the all-wheel-drive comes to the play in grim weather situations. Thus, the RAV4 Hybrid is quite adept in handling slippery roads as well as snowy roads. For people living in such extreme conditions, the RAV4 Hybrid becomes a great asset. For stellar off-roading, you always have the TRD Off-Road trim available with its splendid ground clearance.

7. Super-easy access to the cabin

Ingress and egress out of the cabin of the RAV4 is a child’s play. This is thanks to the excellent placement of the door frames and an adequate ride height. Thus, the cabin is well within a foot’s reach of most individuals with average height. Tall individuals will also find it easy to step inside the cabin without having to stoop down too much,

8. Driver-friendly controls with ease of access

An amateur driver will get used to the RAV4’s cabin within no time, thanks to the easy-to-use controls. There are enough physical buttons and knobs for most vehicle functions. There is correct labeling of the functions of most knobs, to not create any confusion for the driver. The buttons and knobs perform smoothly during operation and are easy to get used to.

9. Sport-tuned Suspension

The XSE trim offers the privilege of a sport-tuned suspension. This suspension inspires confidence while turning with its precise grip and stability. A fun element is added to the driving factor, as the sport-tuned suspension offers a butter-smooth performance on any road condition. This suspension is worth the upgrade over the regular one.

10. A range of Standard driver assistance tech

The second generation of the Toyota Safety Suite adds a host of advanced safety features to the suite. New standard safety features are added to the table like road sign recognition and lane tracing. Driver assistance tech like forwarding collision warning with pedestrian detection, full-speed dynamic cruise control, lane departure warning, and automatic high beams remain standard. Drivers have the option of adding blind-spot monitoring and front/rear parking sensors by paying extra.


The 2021 Toyota RAV4 ticks all the criteria of an excellent everyday crossover. The RAV4 offers a lot of positive traits for its price tag (News - Alert), to justify it as a wise long-term investment. The RAV4 Hybrid is one of the best hybrid cars in the industry, with its amazing practicality and fuel-efficiency. The cabin is also very spacious and utilitarian and is perfect for those weekend family getaways. If any of the above-mentioned perks ring a bell in your ears, you should settle for the 2021 Toyota RAV4.

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