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April 05, 2021

DMX Electrical's Power Transformer Relocation Project Was a Huge Success!

Moving a power transformer is not like your simple moving endeavor. When moving it, millions of decisions must be made and lots of work to be done. Recently, DMX Electrical, a logistics service in Germiston, South Africa, decided to launch a power transformer relocation project.  

The company provides the relocation of power and distribution transformers and also the associated equipment in the controlled and safe environment of big transformers, guaranteeing the transformer’s integrity. Their work involves uplifting and movement of new or old units to new locations or sites as well as testing, installation, and commissioning of old or new equipment that can be carried out to the customer’s requirements as applicable.  

When the company agreed to work on the project, they knew the transformer was too big to move. So, DMX Electrical, with the help of a hydraulic system from Taizhou Chuanhu Hydraulic Machinery Co., Ltd., finished it without too much problem.  

The power transformer relocation project was a major success. Throughout the process, they use a hydraulic system that utilizes a fluid under pressure to drive machinery or move mechanical movements.  

A hydraulic system is composed of a hydraulic fluid plus three core mechanical parts. Those parts are the system “plumbing” that contains and channels the fluid, the hydraulically powered “motor” that powers the component, and the “pressure generator” or hydraulic pump. 

DMX Electrical was able to finish their power transformation relocation project with a breeze. The company emphasizes basic project planning to facilitate the simultaneous delivery of activities, lessening the program schedule while still keeping environmental, safety, and quality standards.  

Installations of new transformers from 11kV to 400kV can be installed as stand-alone or turn-key project installations. Relocation of transformers between sites and substations can also be performed with full road movement management and refurbishment on relocation.  

DMX Electrical’s dedicated and committed installation and relocating crews work with high precision quality following rigorous safety procedures to personnel and the environment. Quick turnaround and fast return to service contracts were also taken under.  

What’s more, contingency planning with the advanced preparation of every Work Method Statement, Risk Assessment, Lifting Plans, and Subcontractor Assessments are prepared with framework prices for facilities that have been risk-assessed and need to be prepared for sudden failures.  

Taizhou Chuanhu offers a broad spectrum of hydraulic equipment for a lot of different purposes. In fact, their hydraulic jacks range from workshops, construction sites used in garages, heavy duty hydraulic jacks to toe jacks, and countless other environments. Irrespective of the lifting requirements, one is bound to have the best possible solution for their requirements.  

Overall, the project was a very complicated move, but with timely and proper planning, their mover’s team was able to deal with the job. Their installation and relocating crew are extremely competent in dealing with different site modifications with utmost care. DMX’s crews also hold certifications and authorizations for all power stations and utilities. They provide a fast turnaround, professionally trained staff, and dependable approved subcontractors.  

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