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March 31, 2021

Exciting Mobile Tech Trends that are Set to Make a Mark in 2021 and Beyond

As companies and businesses try to navigate the emerging global challenges, the need to predict what lies ahead becomes ever important. But making those predictions is always a tricky endeavor as 2021 and beyond especially seems to be even more unpredictable. For players in the corporate world, being on top of the latest mobile tech trends would certainly prove tremendously beneficial when charting out new business processes and seeking new business opportunities. Here’s an overview of some of the hottest mobile trends expected in 2021 and beyond for businessmen to watch out for.

Mobile Apps and IoT Integration

The Internet of Things (IoT) is certainly not a new idea. However, the increase in mobile penetration across a wide array of categories and sectors has opened vast opportunities for the IoT. More people are getting used to using technology to improve numerous aspects of their daily lives.

The IoT refers to the expanding network of gadgets connected to the internet, offering automated control and convenience to consumers. A good example of the growth in IoT and mobile app development is smart home technology.

Mobile applications can now be used to remotely control the thermostat in your home, connect to your home’s security system, and set your preferred lighting settings. Household appliances like refrigerators and TVs can also be connected to and controlled by mobile applications.

The market for IoT is projected to hit $222 billion in 2021, with approximately $161 billion of that estimate accounting for software such as mobile apps. Automobiles, household devices, and healthcare are some of the specific sectors to watch out.

A Greater Shift to a More Mobile-First World

The COVID-19 pandemic occasioned major disruptions across the entire globe, and the industries that were most affected were hospitality, businesses, and events businesses. Consequently, more people turned to their mobile devices first to execute necessary and essential tasks – mainly in ordering food online, getting updates on travel restriction guidelines, connecting with friends, ordering services online etc.

These developments will initially cause a remarkable increase in the creation of apps in the app marketplace that will seek to apply this business model. And it’s essential for businesses to find ways to implement apps as their main end-goal. For instance,, an ecommerce printing company, just launched the GotPrint Mobile App to provide businesses owners with the convenience to market their businesses at their fingertips. You can create designs or upload files directly on the app and place an order for all your printed marketing material. Download it here for iOS.

More Personalized AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning are increasingly being applied in mobile applications to enhance user experience on the go. Although it’s one of the latest trends in mobile apps development, it is one of the most impactful due to its ability to automatically make improvements to the core program. The other advantage with AI is that it has the ability to learn to customize experiences depending on the user’s unique behaviors.

Evidently, the future looks bright for the mobile tech industry and sectors. From new ways to interact with mobile apps to new ways of doing business, the future indicates there’s a lot to look forward to. Businesses owners will need to adopt an integrated approach to include mobile tech in their business models in order to drive long-term user engagement with their apps, services, products, and businesses.

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