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March 30, 2021

The Current Political Climate of Online and Mobile Gambling in the US

In 2019, the global online gambling market was able to reach a value of around 53.7 billion US dollars and this has been growing since then. The United States is now one of the countries with the biggest online gambling market and this is mainly because more and more states are starting to embrace gambling in general.

Today, not only states like Nevada and New Jersey have local gambling operations. Federally, gambling isn’t illegal in the country. However, each state can decide whether they would like to regulate or prohibit gambling activities.

US online casinos would accept bets from people throughout the country. So far, only two states completely ban online gambling and these are the states of Utah and Hawaii. Most other states are still in the grey when it comes to this and some would only allow gambling at licensed casinos. Still, many Americans would play casino games and wager on sports online.

Why Are People So Keen to Gamble Online?

Technology has made so many things easier to do including gambling. Today, people could place their bets anywhere they are or play casino games while traveling. This is all thanks to mobile technology and the internet.

If one would ask why online or mobile gamblers prefer to place their bets online or with their mobile device, they would most likely answer that it is because it’s convenient. But really, there is more to it than just saying it’s convenient. Here are some reasons why people are now gambling online instead of going to land casinos.

  • Gambling on the Go

Being able to gamble with a small device that people can take anywhere like a smartphone allows them to do this anywhere. Of course, this is as long as they can also connect to the internet. Whether they are at home resting in their room or they are traveling home while on the bus or a train, gambling is just a few taps away.

For some, it is also the easier option to visit gambling sites that can only be accessed within a certain area. An example is the state of New York. New Yorkers are still not allowed to place their bets online and what many of them do is travel to the nearest state with legal online gambling which is New Jersey. They’d just hop on the train and place their bets while they are within the borders of NJ.

  • Shopping for Casinos and Bookies are Easier

When a person visits gambling hotspots like Las Vegas, they would usually only stick with one casino. With that, they won’t get to look for casino games with a lower house edge. The same goes with visiting a land bookie. They also don’t get to shop for the best odds.

This is something that isn’t a problem when a person chooses to play online. With just a few clicks or taps, people could visit different casinos and bookies to look for games with low house edges and the best betting odds that they could wager on.

  • Convenient Payment Options

Back in the day, online transactions are quite complicated. However, payment solutions have greatly improved and today, there are so many options out there. Technology has also improved online security and people are just more comfortable making online transactions nowadays.

Online casinos and bookies would usually have an array of payment solutions that they offer to their customers. The use of credit and debit card is still common, but for gamblers who do not want to transact directly using their bank accounts, they can opt to use digital wallets like PayPal (News - Alert) and Skrill and cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Cardano, Ethereum, and many more.

  • It’s Generally Cheaper

The truth is that when you choose to visit a gambling hotspot, the trip could get expensive. Why wouldn’t you spend money on a Las Vegas experience, right? Going to these places means paying for accommodations, food, drinks, and many more. Meanwhile, if you choose to gamble online, you don’t even have to get out of bed to be able to do so.

  • Better Promos and Bonuses

Another reason why online gambling could be cheaper is that online casinos and bookies are usually generous with the bonuses that they offer. This is because competition online is now tough nowadays. There are so many of them out there that they have to offer enticing bonuses to get more new customers and also make their customers stay with them.

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