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March 22, 2021

What Are the Most Popular Voltage Solar Panels of 2021?

Nowadays, a lot of people are allured by the perspective to save both nature and their own money. These two so different things can be saved by the same act, namely, the use of solar power as the main energy source. This type of renewable energy source is famous for the greatest effectiveness and productivity. Therefore, special apparatuses, which are used to receive and transform solar power, are gaining more and more popularity today. The market of solar systems is full of various propositions for everyone. So, it is possible to find solar appliances of any power capability (from 290 watts to 440 watts), size, and pressure (for example, 24v solar panel). Choose the best products only, choose A1SolarStore website.  

How to Choose the Right Solar System 

When you are going to purchase a solar apparatus, you should prepare well. Use the following tips to make a right choice of a solar system:

  • Calculate affordable costs 
  • Determine the purpose of the purchase 
  • Consider weather conditions 
  • Take into account your region’s peculiarities 

Calculate Affordable Costs 

It is possible to find different prices on the market of solar apparatuses. The value depends on a great number of factors like panel size, used materials, manufacturer, etc. So, first of all, define your budget to narrow your search for a perfect apparatus.

Determine the Purpose of the Purchase 

You should decide on the aim of the purchase. Solar panels can be additional energy sources or cover the demand of the whole building. In addition, you should consider that residential houses and commercial buildings require different amounts of electricity. Moreover, it would be useful to take into account all home devices, including washing machine, iron, hairdryer, computer, TV, etc.

Consider Weather Conditions 

To convert sunlight into electricity, solar appliances have to be installed outside. Therefore, it is necessary to consider the weather specifics of your location to assure the greatest productivity of your solar panels. Different models have diverse capabilities in low and high light conditions. In addition, make sure that you do not need an appliance with wind, rain, and snow resistance.

Take into Account Your Region’s Peculiarities 

Examine the legislation of your region to prepare for the purchase. Sometimes, it is necessary to receive special documents and pay additional fees.

Furthermore, to make the right choice of a solar appliance, it is necessary to find a perfect provider. There is a list of leading manufacturers, which carry reliable service and offer high-quality materials and technologies:

  • Canadian Solar
  • Mission Solar 
  • Silfab
  • Trina Solar 
  • Axitec
  • Longi Solar Technology
  • REC
  • Hanwha Q CELLS
  • JA Solar 
  • Solaria

These companies have multi-year experience and a great number of satisfied clients. You can find their reviews and select the enterprise, which attracts you the most. 

What Voltage to Choose for Your Solar Panel 

More often, it is possible to receive one of the following variants of voltage for solar apparatuses:

  • 12 volt
  • 24 volt
  • 48 volt

The choice of voltage depends on your individual requirements. Thus, if your energy demand does not exceed 1 kW, a 12 v solar panel would be enough. This type is perfect for the electricity demands of all household appliances. In the business sphere, you can use 12 v apparatuses for billboard lightning.

If the capacity of the inverter up to 1 kW is not enough, you should pay attention to 24 v and 48 v apparatuses. These types are perfect for commercial buildings because they offer great productivity. 

The purchase of a solar system demands preparation. It is necessary to calculate the amount of the necessary energy and then, based on these calculations, search for perfect apparatuses for your home or business. 

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