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March 26, 2021

Try Using SlideUpLift's Add-in: A surprisingly effective way to build a Presentation

If making presentations is a big part of your job, you have probably struggled especially when getting started. Sometimes it is just the inertia of getting to it; sometimes it is a matter of finding a large block of time. On occasions, however, despite getting started, you might experience what is known as a ‘presenter’s block’: that’s when you’re experiencing creative fatigue and just can’t come up with new and innovative ideas for your presentations anymore- and end up spending time staring at a blank screen or frequently scratching and rewriting ideas.

What if you could get a better initial point to build off from: something that gives you a start, a set of ideas that prompt your thinking, get your creativity flowing, gets you in the zone that you like to be in when you are at your best

By drafting ideas on topics of interest and laying these out in visually engaging ways, SlideUpLift offers a way out of the presenter’s block. These draft ideas come in the form of ready-to-use, great-looking templates that are designed to get your thinking kick-started.

SlideUpLift templates help users express their ideas so they can achieve their objectives while they are creating the document. These presentation templates compel the users to think of different aspects of the topic at hand which helps remove the blind spots or potential biases that can come in the way of robust storytelling. At all times, the user is in control to decide and edit out what they find useful versus not.

To help such a resource available at users’ fingertips, the company recently made its entire library of templates available via an installable add-in within PowerPoint. This means users can now search and download from a host of templates such as roadmap PowerPoint templates, executive summary templates, and so on by searching 5000+ topics straight from PowerPoint itself. This, many users feel highly empowered and well equipped to tackle difficult presentation topics at ease knowing that help is just a click away. Examples of such topics are: Writing a Business Case, Doing a Project Kick off, Preparing for a Business Review, pulling together a Marketing Plan, doing root cause analysis, making slides on workshop content, etc.

Find detailed instructions for downloading the PowerPoint Add-in through this short instructional video that walks you through the steps of installation - Check out Video

Especially in times of remote working, tools like these help break the tedium and induce freshness to the content you create. Not only does that help engage the audience but also makes your presentation more impactful and memorable.


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» More TMCnet Feature Articles