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March 10, 2021

8 Certifications to Boost Your Career in ICT

Information Communication Technology (ICT) is a field that covers technologies that influence or empower communication and information transmission. ICT consists of tools such as mobile phones, computers, wireless networks, the internet and other means of communication, all connected or having shared communication with each other.

ICT is a wide field and a fast-growing one. Regularly, the field keeps advancing by introducing more concepts or building on previous concepts. And as it keeps growing, it involves continuous honing of skills by developers.

The normal online courses may not provide the required knowledge or skills for certain ICT departments, but professional training does. And the certifications make those skills standardized.

In this article, we’ll look at 8 certifications that can play a big role in your career in ICT.

Before going further, here are reasons you should consider getting certifications:

  • they make you stand out in job applications, especially in very competitive scenarios
  • they prepare you for better job opportunities as well as make you a better fit for them
  • they allow you to connect with skilled professionals in similar fields

Generally, certifications provide credibility to your skills. They serve as professional validation that you are skilled in certain departments, that you know what you’re doing and that you’re fit for the job.

Now, let’s look at some certifications that you may be interested in.

1. SASE Certification

SASE (Secure Access Service Edge) Certification is a certification from Cato Networks which was introduced in 2019. It’s slowly becoming a widely adopted certification and may even become a requirement someday.

SASE is a networking technology that combines networking and security solutions into a unified service to improve performance on applications and make them more secure.

The SASE certification is a must-have for showing skills in the network and security space, thereby making you more valuable for related jobs.

2. CCNA Certification and Training

The CCNA Certification and Training is focused on improving your expertise in network fundamentals, security fundamentals, IP-related operations, automation and many other subjects in the networking space.

You can prepare for the examination by joining the Guided Study Group which runs for 12 weeks and gives access to online courses that can improve your knowledge.

3. MTA: Security Fundamentals

The MTA Security Fundamentals validates your knowledge on a variety of security skills in ICT. Some of them are operating system security, network security and internet security.

While there may be other certifications specifically created for each of these security departments, this certification gives you the foundation or essential knowledge regarding security in general when building or managing software applications.

Microsoft (News - Alert) has many other certifications such as networking fundamentals, software development fundamentals and introduction to programming using python, to name a few. You can find more on their certification page.

4. AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate

For developers interested in a solutions architect role — an expert in charge of interpreting the vision of a product and managing the system architecture, which involves creating distributed systems on AWS — the AWS Certified Solutions Architect certificate is a must have.

AWS is a cloud computing platform/service and is widely adopted by large enterprises for building products. Most large companies use this platform for their services, which is what makes this certificate so relevant.

This certificate gives you hands-on experience building robust applications on AWS technologies thereby making you a “hot cake” in related job opportunities

5. Google (News - Alert) Professional Cloud Architect

Professional Cloud Architect is a certification that validates skills in Google Cloud technologies. Google Cloud is also a popular and widely used cloud service that offers numerous services from database management to scaling enterprise apps.

This certification assesses your skills in managing a cloud solution architecture and infrastructure with security compliance and operations reliability.

6. Certified Information Security Manager (CISM)

This certificate is specifically for security managers. These are developers who develop and implement security policies and procedures and also manage authorizations by users.

The CISM certification assesses skills in information security management and risk management.

7. Project Management Professional (PMP)

The PMP certification—specifically created for project managers—guarantees that you have professional management skills and experience.

The certification serves as a great means of credibility and deep knowledge, thereby making you attractive to employers. Further, the PMP certification has a high earning power that can greatly impact your salary.

8. Microsoft Certified Azure Solutions Architect

Similar to AWS, Microsoft has Azure, which serves as a cloud platform that  solutions architects can leverage to manage system architecture from beginning to end.

This certification validates skills in designing and implementing solutions that run on Microsoft Azure.


Most of the courses mentioned above have prices attached to them. Some of these prices may be expensive. However, you can find free courses online. Here’s a longer list of free courses you can check out.

Online certifications not only grant you job opportunities, they also improve your knowledge faster than the normal online courses you read or watch.

In this article, we’ve looked at 8 certifications that can grant you a big lift in your career.

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