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March 02, 2021

3 Features of a Well-Organized Help Desk

A well-organized help desk can be an important part of your customer engagement and experience strategy. As businesses around the world continue to compete for market share based on the meaningful moments that they can deliver to customers, every brand is under more scrutiny. Your clients now expect you to be able to respond to their concerns within minutes of them sending a support ticket – even if it’s just to acknowledge that you received their request. To deliver that kind of agile support, and exceed customer expectations, you’ll need a ticketing system and help desk environment that’s built to run as smoothly as possible. Here are crucial features of a well-organized help desk.

Ticket Management and Tracking

The first thing your ticketing software needs is an outstanding solution for tracking and managing service requests. The foundation of any service environment is built on your ability to effectively collect and track tickets. While it might sound obvious, you’ll need to ensure that your team has access to an environment that makes it easy to see which issues are being addressed at any given moment, which are waiting in the queue and so on. Being able to effectively organize and monitor the active and inactive workload of your teams means that you can ensure that no requests simply fall through the cracks. You can also use your tracking system to get an insight into how well your employees are doing when it comes to meeting expectations for ticket resolution times.

Quick Access to Stats

Speaking of being able to evaluate the performance of your teams, it’s always helpful to have quick access to stats and metrics available for employees and business leaders alike. Help desk solutions should make it easier for all of your team members to see what kind of positive progress they’re making towards better customer satisfaction. You could even use wallboards and gamification measures to help your team members stay motivated and improve productivity. Aside from real-time stats and insights, make sure that you have a historical database of information available too. A knowledge base equipped with insights and guidance on how to deal with complex queries will save your team members a lot of time and stress.

A User-Friendly Interface

Finally, when a help desk is well organized, it’s usually much easier to use, and a lot better to work with from a professional point of view. The right interface will make it easy to separate tickets that are under investigation with the ones that haven’t been addressed yet. It should come with tools that allow you to assign specific requests to certain people based on their skills, and notifications that go out automatically when a ticket has been waiting for too long. A highly friendly user interface means it’s much easier to address and track user reported incidents. When your employees know how to use the software available to them easily, it also means that they can take full advantage of all the features that are there to make them more productive and efficient.

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