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March 02, 2021

FREMENTA Startup Raises The Real Estate Market Services

At least, once in our lifetime, we need to lead with selling or buying a property, whether a business, a house, or an apartment. The people who have already had the experience know how stressful it may be. Papers, seals, transactions, agreements, and so many other things needed to complete the operation; this may be the reason why many businesses in the industry of Real Estate decided to go one step further and integrate the technology to make the work less complicated.

The Real Estate businesses became the main actors when citizens desire to move. This is the case of Frementa and other portals where we can find all sorts of properties and accommodations in one place, and where people can rely on when thinking of buying, selling, or leasing a property.

The Trending of Direct Businesses

Real Estate is not the only industry that decided to implement a new way of operating. Technology brought a whole new form of leaving, working, traveling, and studying, among other activities. Globalization and the Internet permitted communications among people, citizens, countries, and different cultures to start getting mixed up with each other. That approached also how users experienced what they bought because they now had the opportunity to give an opinion, provide feedback, possibly as a form of cooperation, and impart justice regarding the quality of the services.

The Real Estate market decided to be part of this revolution, and when individuals are looking for accommodation around the world, they can just search online and discover not only the places that offer good prices but also the quality of what they give. People worldwide can post comments on the experience they had in a hotel room, what was good and bad about the facilities, and even suggest how to improve the place. We are all part of the same trip.

That is how the Real Estate businesses were forced to change the way to approach the customers and also improve the product they offer. Moreover, they are obliged to increase the quality and take it to a higher level because single negative feedback may be crucial for their future.

Old Businesses, Startups, And Online Portals

After the world became what it is today, many of the companies needed to make a change and transform what they had created years ago. However, other businesses or startups were born this way, and that put them above others who were resistant to the changes. These emerging companies have a throughout knowledge of how the Real Estate market works, what the clients need, and how to offer the best services making the complete process easier. Companies such as Frementa, yaencontre, fotocasa, idealista, or Zillow are perfect places to look for accommodation or publish a property. Although, not all of these websites are equal.

Some of the portals mentioned are not yet offering an extended service or they focus on one place; they tend to offer properties, but not all the countries are available. It may be for different reasons; legal, taxes, lack of personnel or administrative resources to manage the operations, and many others. The common pattern is that the portals have a space for all the clients who wish to publish a property, but not all the users who are looking for it have the opportunity to buy or rent a place to live on.

Portals Offering Properties

The portals previously mentioned display an incredible list of properties with lovely pictures and detailed information. Some of them are more than a decade old. Nevertheless, all of them have a limited section on the map. Zillow, for example, has a very complete website with all the information needed to buy, sell, lease, or publish a property, but they concentrate only in the USA and Canada. Idealista offers a large list of services but operates only in Spain, Portugal, Andorra, and Italy. Fotocasa is a very complete source of information since 2005, but only in Spain.   

A portal that makes the difference is Frementa, a Real Estate company online which provides access to all the countries around the world and is not limited to function only in a small section of the map because it works collecting the data from all the sites above, among others.

What Frementa Offers

Visiting the website of Frementa is an intuitive experience from the beginning. Users can select what they need with a single click right from the start. The registration is very simple and can be done in a minute. Whether you are selling or renting your property, or you are buying or renting, the portal offers you the options on the first page. But there are also other options available. Property developers, managers, and agents have their place on the portal.

Buy a Property

In this section, the users will find properties for rent, sale, featured, and the latest listings. This kind of operation consists of five easy steps; register an account, find the property the user likes, schedule a visit directly with the owner, make an offer and sign a contract. The interesting fact is that there are no commissions or agencies involved. This makes save around twenty thousand euros in fees.

Sell a Property

The customers who decide to sell on Frementa have the option to choose between three types of accounts; free, standard, or premium. When the user publishes the property, he or she must select a plan and wait to receive the proposals. Those are the only steps to complete before finally selling. After this, the client will sign the contract and the company will assist in the process. 

A Complete Service

The outstanding aspect of this portal is that they do not have intermediaries, the advertisement of the property is on their hands from the beginning to the end, and the whole trip is faster compared to any other Real Estate Agency. The listings of properties are gathered from different platforms and the clients have specific statistics to carry on their business without risks and with guidance. This way, everything you need, from buying to selling, renting, to leasing, is in one place.

About Frementa

Frementa was founded in 2020 by Andrey Yurenkov and developed a new way of searching for or selling a property. It offers no commissions, no fees, and a hassle-free and guided process to get what the users need as fast as possible. The portal, which joined forces with many other Real Estate agencies, provides assistance to increase the quality of the industry.

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