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February 26, 2021

Growth of Linux: Linux-powered Machines Require More Computing Power

Although the market share of Linux does not seem to be much at first glance, it demonstrates a continuous rise in the last few months that, corroborated by the decrease of Windows, shortens the distance between the two desktop operating systems. Although Windows remains the preferred option for most users, its market share continues to decline, and Linux appears to be the one that profits from this dramatic shift in usage patterns.

Linux Adopters

"Linux Adoption Trends: A Survey of Enterprise End Users" was released by the Linux Foundation, a non-profit organization engaged in hastening the growth of Linux. This report reveals that Linux continues to gain market share from Unix and Windows, which it does so with mission-critical applications.

Admittedly, the 1,900 people surveyed were both from the Enterprise End User Council of the Linux Foundation (News - Alert), a few other companies, and government agencies, but I still believe the findings were accurate. The Linux Foundation tells you this directly, unlike similar surveys funded by private software firms where you have to dig and figure out who paid for the study and who is being surveyed.

Role of IoT

A bold step into infinity reflects industrial automation. This transition to a modern way of operating, like the industrial and digital revolution, saves companies from wasting human effort, slashes fiscal overhead, and increases hand-over-fist process efficiency.

Whereas factories and other business hubs were once considered wicked centers of painful struggle, their descendants linked to the Internet of Things have taken on a more clean, streamlined appearance.

IoT Implementations for Industrial Automation

Intelligent process control is all about industrial automation. Why send the plant manager galloping down to the assembly line to turn a switch while a smart computer can automate the whole process?

Here are a few essential distinctions on how this differs from classical process automation systems that already include feedback loops:

  1. Since you can choose separate control systems, sensors, and network modules, the IoT doesn't rely on your hardware.
  2. The IoT's power goes beyond your computer manufacturer or software provider's restricted functionalities and features.
  3. Those who use the IoT will connect multiple sites and locations to run in harmony with industrial automation processes.

Here you can find 21 open projects for IoT; check it out.

Low-power computing

Low-power computing was immediately associated with low-performance architectures not so long ago. This does not hold up anymore. The mobile-driven industry's emphasis on power efficiency and optimization of the form factor produces results that seem to upset this long-held assumption.

Some of the senior technical compromises are being dramatically updated in the process, ushering in a new age of energy-efficient computing. Recent trends point to exciting advances in energy efficiency—just in time to meet the enormous energy demands anticipated by the mobile device boom and the "Internet of Things" growth.

Knowing this, Linux took this situation into its hands as well; see the proof here.

SolidRun supports Linux

Centered on the stable releases of mainline projects, SolidRun is organized into divisions. As more patches are integrated into the mainline project, our local BSP branches' diversion reduces. The bootloader, U-Boot, and the kernel, Linux-stable, are the main board briefing bits.

All of our distributions are synchronized to use the latest stable branch of these repositories for our products' different chipsets. We will usually integrate the recent upstream updates into our BSP branches, along with modifying a component to better re-align the patch package.

Keep reading our other blogs to find out more.

Wrapping Up

SolidRun supports the Linux community by providing the community with top-tier tools. Follow us to always be up to date!

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