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February 26, 2021

Bitcoin Halving! A speed Breaker

Bitcoin is a type of cryptocurrency that is being used by many potential investors and buyers throughout the World.


The Bitcoin digital currency has a proper networking system that operates and executes the Bitcoin cryptocurrency and it's working. Bitcoin Halving is a very significant event for the Bitcoin cryptocurrency. To understand the halving of the Bitcoin you must have to understand the execution of bitcoin trade and the nature of crypto currency.To know more about Bitcoin and how it works please go and visit Bitcoin with BitPal.

Working of Bitcoin

The main pillar of the Bitcoin cryptocurrency Working is the bitcoin Block chain network. This network is made up of a number of computers and nodes that are interlinked to one another. They work in coordination to generate a database called as block chain network, that can serve as a platform where all the transaction history and other details of the Bitcoins can be saved and stored.

Every node is unique in its nature and leads to all the details of a specific Bitcoin it's transfer, acceptance or rejection. The block chain nodes are responsible for smooth and well secured transfer of bitcoins. Every transaction that takes place at the Bitcoin cryptocurrency requires approval from all the bitcoins nodes for the further process. This whole process provides every Bitcoin transaction with a specific address that makes this detail available for the general public.

What is the Halving of Bitcoin?

Bitcoin halving is a very important event in the crypto world. The halving takes place at a point that comes every four year. The most recent Bitcoin halving took place on 11th May, 2020. In lay man this can be stated as an event where the miners rewards are bifurcated or are broken in two halves. Not only this but halving also divides the inflation ratio and the future circulation price of the Bitcoin cryptocurrency.

When does halving Occurs?

Halving takes place at every 210,000 mined or after every 4th year. The halving process cut half the miner rewards. Mining reward is the total Worth of the money that is given to the Bitcoin miners for executing the process of the Bitcoin mining. As a result of this cutting of the mining reward the rates or the trade values of all the circulating bitcoins in the market also cuts into half. The halving event gains A Lot of attention every times it happens. The reason is that halving impacts the rates and the trading of the cryptocurrency upto a significant limit.


Significance of Halving

The halving event is important because this is a very synthetic way to release all the Bitcoins circulating in the market at once. The halving of the bitcoins initiates an inflation chain that cuts down the trading rate of the Bitcoin cryptocurrency. Halving is important so that the rates of the Bitcoin Always stays in some limits. Halving can be said as A speed breaker.

The halving is important so that a very productive and efficient gross return can be achieved from the Bitcoin digital currency. Halving induces a reduction in the creation of new bitcoins thus keeping the amount of total circulating Bitcoin in limits.

When will it End?

According to a number of analysts and critics the process of the Bitcoin halving will come every 4th year till the year 2140. Until that time, the miners will be always rewarded for the mining process.  The reason to reward the miners is important so that the process of the Bitcoin mining can take place in a smoother and constant manner. Thus more and more Bitcoins can be used and circulated efficiently. Miners are rewarded and this fee is a way so that the miners can keep on executing the mining properly. This will create an atmosphere of competition and race between the Bitcoin miners.

What happens after halving?

Halving is a type of dropout that is important so that the Bitcoins can be controlled with respect to their circulating numbers. Right now, 21 million bitcoins are present in the circulation some of them are part of active circulation and some are not. Initially, when the Bitcoins were introduced in the market , there were around 50 Bitcoins in total. As the halving took place every 4th year this per block amount keeps on going half In such a manner that on May, 2020 it dropped to around 6.25 Bitcoin per block.

In the past, it was observed that the halving of the Bitcoin resulted in a huge surge in the rates and trade values of the Bitcoin cryptocurrency. Just as if the supply of the Gold will be reduced then the shortage will lead to a higher price. The first event, Bitcoin halving, took place back in 2012, after that in 2017 and in 2020.

Bottom line

Concluding this, we can say that Bitcoin halving is important in a way that it automatically controls the inflation rate and the number of circulating bitcoins in a very effective way. Halving the event reduces the power consumption by lowering the mining to half. Till date, it is seen that the halving of bitcoins actually increases the price rates of the Bitcoin cryptocurrency.

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