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February 24, 2021

Top 3 Pay Per Head Software Providers in 2021

A quick Google search about pay per head software providers will return a list of dozens of companies, each of which claims to be the best in the industry. But as a bookmaker, you've probably heard horror stories about some of these companies suddenly closing their operations, leaving users with piles of debt and a ton of headache. Indeed, you wouldn't want to find yourself in such a position. Here are the top three pay per head software providers to help you make an informed choice to rank high on your list.

1. RealBookies

No list of PPH providers will be complete without RealBookies. For over two decades, this company has set the standard for how PPH should be. It shouldn't come as a surprise why it has been voted as the top PPH software provider for five consecutive years.

For starters, RealBookies offers a four-week free trial. That's an irresistible deal, especially for new bookmakers who may not have a large capital. The company also offers competitive rates, starting at just $7 per head.

The myriad of tools that help bookmakers grow their business is the primary selling point of RealBookies. You'd be hard-pressed to find another software that offers extensive features, including live wagering, 24/7 accounting reports, and mobile betting. Choosing this provider means having total control over lines and limits, giving you the freedom to configure your operations in a way that best fits your needs.

2. A1PPH

A1PPH has seen its number of users increase steadily over the past few years. Indeed, they're doing something right, as they convince many bookmakers to make the switch. One of the company's strong suits is the vast array of betting options. Aside from the traditional sportsbook, players can bet on casino games and horse racing as well.

The software itself is also worthy of praise. It looks and feels the same as the software used in the world's most popular sports betting sites. Long-time players will appreciate the familiarity that comes with the A1PPH software, enabling them to place their bets right away, keep track of wins and losses, and even request additional lines.

3. 247PPH

If you're big on monitoring data, then 247PPH is worth a shot. This provider prides itself on offering PPH software that enables bookmakers to track essential data to grow their business. For instance, you'll get a Player Management report where you can find detailed information for each of your clients. The Agent Exposure report also comes in handy if you want to determine what you have at risk.

247PPH also guarantees 99.9% server uptime. This is something many bookmakers take for granted. But it's a critical consideration when choosing a price per head software. The last thing you want is for your players to be unable to place their bets due to server downtimes.

With PPH services that start at just $10, 247PPH offers competitive rates that rival some of the industry's biggest names. There's also a two-week trial, so you can check out their software and see whether it suits your needs.

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