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February 22, 2021

Your Complete Guide For Starting A Consulting Business

Consulting in 2021 is a big boss industry! Studies reveal that about 75% of all companies spend a significant fraction of their finances with consulting firms. This also explains how consultancy agencies are able to arrange funds to invest in reliable software like, which can be a one-spot solution to transform your online consultancy service. Now that you've finally decided to take the leap and be your own boss, here's a guide for starting a consulting business:

Choose your niche

First things first — brainstorm and define what you are best at. As a consultant, you have to ace your area of specialization and be an expert in whatever you do.

Although you can be a consultant in just any field you want to be established in, here are the top consulting businesses flourishing these days:

  1. Public relations
  2. Accounting
  3. Taxes
  4. Writing services
  5. Payroll management
  6. Marketing
  7. Computer programmer
  8. Communications
  9. Advertising
  10.  Business writing
  11.  Career counseling
  12.  Auditing
  13.  Editorial services
  14.  Grantsmanship
  15.  Insurance

Get the needed certifications

Before anything, make sure that you have all the qualifications needed to run a business. Based on your selected profession and niche, you may have to get special certifications or licenses to legalize your consulting brand.

Analyze your target brands

Now that you have established your consulting niche, you have to analyze your market needs. Research and find who your potential clients can be. Think and decide what kind of corporations or businesses you are looking to work with.

Design a structure to manage your finances

It's crucial to set up a bookkeeping and business accounting system so you can keep track of the cash flow. Your bookkeeping system will contain expenses, capital expenditures, EBITDA, profit, loss, etc.

While bookkeeping deals with how you record, organize and store your finances, accounting helps to put this information to use for things like tax planning.

Assess your finances

Assessing your business's financial information helps you manage your money and make your business more stable and profitable. This way, you can design a structure to see where you want to put funds and how do you want your business to grow.

Spread the word offline

Though offline marketing can be expensive, it ensures a constant flow of potential clients. Spread the word through your contact, let everyone around you know your story. Word of mouth and local advertising are effective ways to drive traffic to your brand.

Take your business online

In today's world of digitalization, it's almost impossible to sustain without an online presence, especially when all your competitors are investigating huge sums to build attractive websites. A website design that truly embodies your brand's voice acts as a brand ambassador.

There are several marketing methods that you can adopt for your business and its website:

  1. Blogging
  2. Email marketing
  3. Webinars
  4. Podcasting
  5. Guest posting
  6. Social media marketing
  7. Influencer marketing
  8. Digital advertising

Marketing methods like influencer marketing and email marketing may not directly bring clients for you, but they all help in building brand awareness.

Find potential investors

No business can grow and sustain itself without enough capital, and most businesses require partners and investors for their capital requirements.

You need to think about what you want. Do you want someone to just help you with the capital? Or are you looking for someone with whom you can split the costs?

You also need to think about the kind of relationship you want to establish with your investor. Also, what amount of involvement you want from their side when it comes to decision making.

Utilize technology

As you grow your consulting business, keep yourself organized and consistent. You have to sit down regularly to analyze and assess everything relating to your business - the clients, the business practices, the software tools, etc. This helps you to assess what's working and what's not working for your business. Finally, you can adopt technology to increase your efficiency.


Now that you know the step-by-step way of setting up a consulting business, make sure you tap into the right niche as per your expertise. You can also get along with several reputed professionals who can assist you in establishing your business.

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