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February 17, 2021

Why More and More Companies Are Opting for IP Telephony?

The recent years have seen a drastic decline in the usability of Plain Old Telephone Service or POTS. This has forced businesses around the globe to look for more effective substitutes. Top companies like Omnitotal have come up with a highly functional substitute of POTS. It’s called IP telephony. The technology took little time to gain popularity among companies.

If you run a business and still not invested in advanced communication, do consider using IP telephony. The service will provide you with the following benefits.

Makes the Phone (News - Alert) System of Your Business More Functional

The biggest plus of IP telephony is that it doesn’t come with a hardwired configuration. It essentially involves SaaS (News - Alert) deployments. As a result, it will allow you to combine your company’s phone system with various crucial business applications like integrated email, customer databases, SMS operations, etc. Your customers and employees, on the other hand, will get tools that they will be able to use for interacting more smoothly with one another.

Increases Your Business’s Scalability and Mobility

Having an intranet installed in your office building will make in-house communications easier. However, if your company needs to communicate with remote offices, do consider using IP telephony solutions. You’ll no longer need to install multiple POTS systems. Whenever you’ll need to add a new line, you’ll only have to log into the web interface of your IP telephony system and add the line. This will allow all your remote offices to communicate with each other despite not having any telephone hardware.

Integrates Easily with a Business’s Current Infrastructure

If required, you can also integrate IP telephony solutions with the hardware you are currently using. These include alarms, credit card readers, fax machines, etc. As IP telephones can be integrated with most business applications, you’ll be able to do the same even with legacy systems.

When you’ll need to communicate through faxes, you’ll be able to do so via email. Similarly, the IP-based phone system will enable a much quicker transmission of credit card data. To be more precise, the basics of your business will remain the same, but all your key processes will become more functional and productive.

Makes Multimedia Content Transmission Seamless

With IP telephony systems, you can go beyond voice communications. You can use this technology to make video calls and conference calls. You can take part in all forms of meetings that require simultaneous video and audio streaming. You cannot expect the legacy PBX (News - Alert) and POTS systems to offer these benefits.  

High-quality IP telephony systems will eliminate hardware and software redundancy thanks to their ability to consolidate various conferencing necessities and create a single solution.

Offer Great Bandwidth (News - Alert)

Are you wondering how using IP telephony solutions would affect your bandwidth and data usage? According to a recent study, almost 50% of phone conversations get wasted in silence. The bandwidth wasted in silence can come in handy for other units. IP telephony systems use a technology called voice activity detection or VAD, which works by compressing silent data. This enables more efficient use of bandwidth.  

Final Words

Before adopting IP telephony always make sure you are using solutions offered by a reliable company. Do your research carefully before investing.

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