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February 12, 2021

4 Surefire Ways to Save Energy Using a Smart Thermostat

Every homeowner thinks of ways to save energy to avoid paying a hefty electric bill at the end of the month. But even the most intricate methods fail when you use the AC or the room heater in full swing. If nothing seems to work, you might want to consider using a smart thermostat. While the upfront cost might turn you off, it pays to learn about the many ways in which you can benefit from this advanced home gadget.

1. User-friendly interface maximizes heating and cooling efficiency

Got an old-fashioned thermostat? It must be tough and confusing to read or even program it. A smart thermostat, on the other hand, comes with an easy-to-see touchscreen. Most of these thermostats walk you through the steps one by one. You will know how to set up the system and operate it using your mobile phone. The best part is it can automatically determine the optimal temperature that your room needs. It can increase or decrease the temperature accordingly to ensure maximum energy efficiency.

2. Remote access allows you to monitor temperatures from anywhere

Many people complain that they can't set up a smart thermostat alone. The easiest solution is to connect your smart thermostat to your home WiFi (News - Alert). The Ecobee power extender kit does precisely this, giving you access to control the thermostat from your mobile phone, laptop, tablet, and even your computer.

Aside from regulating the temperature from these devices, you can also monitor which appliance is running even when you are not in the house. If someone forgets to switch off the AC before leaving the house, you can see it from your phone and switch it off.

3. Smart technology tracks energy use

Do you know the specific amount of energy that your AC or heater uses with your old thermostat? You probably can't. But smart thermostats come with intelligent technology that can track invaluable information like the amount of time you use your AC or heater daily, the average energy it consumes, and the temperature you are most comfortable at. It also recommends personalized settings according to these data so that you not only feel comfortable but also save money at the same time.

4. Customizable energy meets your home's needs

Heating and cooling make for a big chunk of your electricity bill every month. Unfortunately, the only way to control heating and cooling in the past was to set the HVAC system on a timer or turn it off after some time. But not anymore. Smart thermostats offer a range of control mechanisms, such as room-specific settings and adjustable timers. These give you more information about the amount of energy each HVAC system is consuming in different rooms. Accordingly, you can set the thermostat to operate at its optimal condition instead of its highest setting to save energy.

While incorporating smart technology in your home may seem expensive initially, it surely helps to save a lot more in the long run. Bring home an intelligent thermostat and see for yourself how much it can bring down your monthly electricity bill.

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