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February 11, 2021

Best and Easy Tips on How to Choose the Right Solar Panel for Solar System

In recent years, the problem of harmful human influence on the environmental condition is exciting a great number of not indifferent people. Everyone tries to make at least a small contribution to the rescue mission for the planet. Thanks to scientists, it is possible to avoid deleterious activities without cardinal changes in a lifestyle.

A great investment in ecology saving is the use of solar power as an energy source. This renewable energy resource is quite simple to use and accessible for different regions. In addition, solar power ensures high productivity of electricity; so, the choice of the solar system can save not just the ecology but your money as well. Nowadays, there are a lot of propositions on the market; so, it is possible to select a perfect appliance for your home or business. From a wide range of apparatuses, you can choose a 12 to 24v solar panel with wattage from 300 to 440.

Regular use of unlimited solar power is possible due to the special appliance – solar panel. The solar system’s functioning is based on the process of solar light transformation into electricity. These panels are also called PV instruments because the photovoltaic effect assures the light conversion.

Key Benefits of Solar Panels

A perspective to achieve two goals – save money and protect nature ­ by buying a solar system attracts a big number of people worldwide. This purchase is so alluring due to the following aspects:

  •  An opportunity to economize your finances. With solar appliances, you are free from large energy fees as well as electricity price fluctuations and power surges. In addition to the fact that the sunlight does not demand big payments, it still ensures high effectiveness. Moreover, the price of your property will raise up to 4% more than other buildings without installed PV appliances. 
  •  Independence of energy use. The apparatuses do not tie users to one certain place nearby the main electric grid. Additionally, you can generate the determined amount of energy that you need according to individual preferences and current requirements. 
  •  Ensured reliability, durability, and safety. All solar systems are made of lasting and quality materials. The installation process does not demand a lot of time and effort. Furthermore, manufacturers provide a system of long-term warranties. There are assurances for a term from 10 to 25 years. During the whole warranty period, you can apply for the necessary support. 

What Type of Solar Panel Is It Better to Choose?

There is a great variety of options on the market, and each of offered appliances has its own peculiarities. The most popular types are:

  •  Polycrystalline Panels
  •  Monocrystalline Panels

Polycrystalline Solar Panels 

Polycrystalline appliances would be an excellent purchase for both residential houses and big enterprises. This type is frequently ordered due to its high efficiency and affordability. Reasonable price is the main advantage of the present type. Low price is influenced by the fast and simple production of systems. Polycrystalline panels include plenty of crystallites of different sizes. The diversity of sizes and orientations of silicon components reduces the production waste.   

Monocrystalline Solar Panels 

The Monocrystalline system has the highest value on the market because of expensive material and the best productivity level. This type is created of single-crystal silicon, the peculiarities of which allow generating 100% purity. This feature guarantees stable effectiveness. Moreover, a flawless producing process of Mono systems does not depend on weather conditions. So, the Mono apparatus can cope with low light periods. 

Besides the power of this type, it also is famous for a convenient installation procedure. Mono systems are a great option for places with limited space like recreational vehicles and marine ships.   

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