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February 10, 2021

10 Plumbing Technologies Transforming the Plumbing Business

Gone are the days when showers, bathrooms and plumbing in general were designed to tackle simple necessities of civil living. Technology is penetrating all aspects of modern utility and the plumbing world is not left out. Let's introduce you to some of these fascinating plumbing technologies.

1.   Smart irrigation systems

Smart irrigation systems use digital technology for controlling the irrigation functions. The system is connected to a mobile application that allows for remotely controlling, operating and scheduling the irrigation for your gardens and lawns.

Not only are these devices extremely convenient, they also claim to save substantial water which goes wasted in ordinary sprinkler systems.

2.   Greywater recycling systems

The greywater recycling system is a significant advancement in water conservation technology. This system allows homeowners to recycle water that has been gently used. Basically, it recycles any water that has not come in contact with human waste and excreta. So the water that has already been used for washing clothes and dishes can be treated and filtered for reuse.

3.   Demand-type water heaters

Demand-type water heaters are quite a rage in the market these days. They are essentially water heaters without a storage tank. Tankless options are available in the gas water heater category as well as the electric water heater one.

An uninterrupted and infinite supply of hot water is the chief advantage of this new technology. These water heaters are far more convenient than the traditional ones. They are also potentially more energy efficient than their regular counterparts.

4.   Leak Detectors

Many busy homeowners find it rather difficult to keep track of repair and maintenance chores. It's rather common in such situations to overlook something as serious as a brimming water leak.

Leak detectors are perfect for detecting and alerting home owners about critical leaks. Installing the leak detectors in places where leaks are most susceptible can be very useful in preventing severe damage to the house property.

5.   Flood sensors

Flood sensors work on a principal similar to leak detectors. These sensors detect standing-water in the house and alert homeowners of potential flooding.

Flooding is a common problem in homes with a basement. If you’re based in a region that experiences heavy rainfall, you should seek some tips on what to do if your basement floods.

6.   Smart water heating systems

Smart water heaters allow for precise temperature settings. The automatic thermostat will control how much the water heats up. Besides this crucial function, smart water heaters also help in saving water and energy. They come with a digital screen display too. This modern technology is increasingly being preferred as part of luxury bathrooms.

7.   Bluetooth Showerheads

For all gadget buffs, digital technology can now become a reality of their shower experience too. With the Bluetooth showerheads, users can connect any Bluetooth-enabled device (smart phones, of course) and listen to their favorite music. One can also answer calls while in the shower.

8.   Sensor faucets

Sensor faucets use the remote sensor technology that allows for a touchless experience. These faucets are becoming incredibly popular in use as kitchen sink faucets because of their sheer convenience.

There is a reduced risk of spreading germs through these touchless faucets. Considering the hygiene concerns in the time of a global pandemic, it is expected that more consumers will show interest in this new plumbing technology.

9.   Smart Shower Panels

Smart shower panels are a major upgrade from the regular ones. The water temperature can be precisely controlled. The shower can be turned on and off with your voice command and you don't need to fidget with the knobs and levers. You can adjust the flow and pressure of the water spray too.

Smart shower panels are immensely popular as luxury bathroom fittings.

10. Smart Toilets

The technology in all the previous products is quite amazing, but smart toilets are by far the most impressive. Smart toilets don't perform a single automation task, but a whole bunch of them. They come with built-in features for water conservation, automatic flushing, overflow prevention, a massaging bidet wash, heated seating, foot warmer, automatic deodorizer and so much more.

If you're game for a luxury toilet experience, a smart toilet will definitely make you feel like royalty.

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