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February 02, 2021

Current Configuration Management Landscape

Managing application configurations has historically been fallible, neglected, and in constant need of a simplified platform.

As various applications span over multiple landscapes and become more complex, many Application Managers are finding that implementing these changes and constantly going back and forth between platforms is a never ending circle.

Wrong or outdated configurations are causing your Software Developers, and Application Managers to work in a chaotic and cluttered environment, resulting in more time spent towards redeployments and incident management. Lost in a cycle of failed updates, difficult rollbacks, and rescheduling maintenance activities.

This is why the ability to centrally define and manage configurations and policies without requiring manual configuration for each application is an aspiration many organizations strive to achieve.

Ideal Configuration Management Platform

These are common requirements and capabilities you should look for in your application configuration management tool:

  • Manage configuration from a central place
  • Having fine-grained control of configuration permissions

e.g: PROD read-only, passwords only in a select group

  • Support configurations from different technologies
  • Be ready for cloud-native applications by supporting management of Kubernetes ConfigMaps and Secrets
  • Changes should be logged and traceable for the auditing process
  • Ability to manage certificates
  • Ability to change configuration values at runtime
  • Ensure that no wrong values can be entered (e.g: with value defaults or data types)

The New Era of Configuration Management

This is where ConfigSeeder comes into play.

"We were looking for an application configuration management tool for a customer to centrally manage the configurations of Weblogic applications and Kubernetes applications. The trigger for this was that with the existing solution, the values could only be changed just before going live and not in advance. We were surprised that although there were some applications, all of them either covered only one technology or only a fraction of the requirements. And so began the genesis of ConfigSeeder." - Daniel Kellenberger

In the past, application configurations in organizations were being done manually without the proper tools and oversight to ensure they were completed properly the first time.

Organizations needed to move away from these multiple variants to standardize configurations across their entire application configuration infrastructure in order to drive consistency for their internal teams.

Being industry specialists, the ConfigSeeder team was able to locate both the positives and negatives surrounding the landscape of application configurations. With these findings, ConfigSeeder has been developed into the ultimate one-stop-shop for managing application configurations.

Setting The New Standard

ConfigSeeder stepped up, made sure those requirements and capabilities were met, and added in more features that took this platform to the next level in helping organisations better manage their application configurations.

Starting with security, which we all know is always top of mind, ConfigSeeder allows you to keep your data secured via encryption. This ties in with the ability to limit access to pieces of sensitive information to specific people on your team, having your configuration data always available even during a component failure, and access to a tracker that logs the “who, what, and when” of every configuration change.

Managing configurations in a central place is one thing, but having access to data that allows you to manage, compare, and share configuration data and values across multiple environments from different dates, versions and contexts is an ability that is unheard of in this space. This is especially helpful when planning for a new release.

The ability to, compare the configuration data of different environments and review an application before being pushed live, access various feature toggles that may have been activated/deactivated at a specific date or version, allows your developer to fix any invalidities before releasing the new configuration, saving time and money. "With ConfigSeeder, configuration changes can be pushed in ahead of time and also reviewed before the whole application goes live. This has saved us from late nights a few times." - Daniel Kellenberger

Another feature is that developers can also see the productive values. This has allowed developers to quickly identify any misconfigurations immediately and have them corrected. With the exception of the sensitive values (database passwords or the password for the certificate), this requirement can also be easily implemented in ConfigSeeder, in which only read access is granted for productive environments, but not for productive configurations that require protection.

If your application already handles configuration changes, there is no need to build out an administration interface for additional customizations. These simple configuration changes and customizations can be done within ConfigSeeder’s interface. "With ConfigSeeder, there is no longer a need to build an administration interface to customize only certain configuration values. This frees up development capacity for features." - Daniel Kellenberger

These features and capabilities are just a few on the long list of benefits you get from ConfigSeeder, as opposed to any other Application Configuration Management System out there right now.

Test and Validate

As I sat down with Daniel Kellenberger, one of the creators behind ConfigSeeder, there happened to be a main theme when discussing the benefits and reasons behind building such a product, that is to simplify everything related to configuration management.

My Development Team was allowed to install and test ConfigSeeder to see first hand how it can simplify managing our current environment while also grasping its full potential. Needless to say, the features available that directly relate to better managing application configurations goes way beyond any other product currently on the market.

There’s another point I want to make, that is you gain access to exceptional customer support. This support isn’t just answering your basic inquiries, this team really understands what’s needed to manage application configurations, and they do what they can to make sure your configuration  management processes and systems are running smoothly.

ConfigSeeder is an exceptional Configuration Management System that securely stores your application configurations at a central place. It simply manages the configuration of all your applications and environments. It can hold the configuration data for many applications and environments, where support for reusing configuration data is built-in.

ConfigSeeder is providing complimentary demos, you can try all of their features, including all of the restricted ones!

Try it and experience the sophistication and difference for yourself.

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