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January 19, 2021

An easy way to create Media Kit and start getting direct advertising requests


In the world of millions of ads, having a functional tool that gives you control over advertising spaces on your website is crucial. AdSpyglass Media Kit Maker (a well-known company for its ad tech solutions - Ed.) is a service that provides exactly that.

This overview will make things clearer about what a media kit is and how you can leverage it to increase your website profits.

The essence of a media kit is to offer advertisers a better understanding of traffic from the site they're looking at. And at the same time, it helps webmasters open up vital facts about their traffic in the easiest way and most effective way.

Understanding of media kits

Media Kit is a part of a website dedicated to demonstrating your traffic's advertising capabilities towards the advertiser.

While each media kit's design and set of data can vastly vary from site to site, the primary sense remains the same. It is a page where your website stats showcased to help advertisers understand if your audience is suitable for their campaigns.

Let keep it honest; most advertisers are not interested in the page's content as long as the right traffic comes. However, most of them want to know how your traffic is formed, your geos, and which ad formats you support before they start collaborating with you.

An example of a well-structured and clear media kit

Just half a decade ago, media kits were used by mostly huge sites and specialized media companies. Nevertheless, the entire world around us is getting more and more innovative and smart. And those changes are touching all industries without exceptions. That's why we see a growing tendency, which shows that now media kits are starting to appear on all websites. Even owners of the smallest resources are making efforts to get a dedicated "Advertise With Us'' page. Let's figure out what is so special about this section and why you should join the trend today.

So, why should you have a media kit?

Most webmasters are still working in the "old-school" way without dwelling into unknown territories. However, the world of online advertising is rapidly changing, and the competition grows more substantial. It means that you need to keep up with technology and techniques to stay relevant.

Why should you consider making a media kit?

  • A media kit is a signal to all industry participants that your website is ready for cooperation on any scale with any sort of direct advertisers.
  • A media kit also conveys to potential ad vendors that all necessary technical and legal preparations are in place for fruitful collaboration.
  • MK's very existence is proof that your business is capable of finalizing a deal and delivering on conditions of any contract.
  • The specs are already included in the kit, meaning that you won't waste time negotiating the technicalities and can start moving traffic right away.

All of the above allows you to search for ad vendors quicker and establish business connections faster without significantly changing your schedule. It is an excellent instrument for dedicated webmasters who want a better way to communicate with potential advertisers.

Media Kit opens up pretty many earning opportunities.

That sounds too good to be true? And you're partially right. Manual creating of a Media Kit can quickly turn into a severe headache.

But that's the case only if you don't know the right tools to accomplish it.

Speaking of the right tools, let's learn more about one of them.

What is Media Kit Maker by AdSpyglass?

One of the most recent products by AdSpyglass promises to change the industry's landscape and offer intriguing features to both advertisers and website owners.

This product can completely alter how you display ads on your website and search for direct advertisers.

If you are looking for new, state-of-the-art methods to increase your profits with better utilization of ad spots, you will most certainly find something useful in this review of the AdSpyglass Media Kit.

AdSpyglass Media Kit Maker Homepage

The creation of a Media Kit

The AdSpyglass' new service is focused on simplifying the media kit creation and providing you with a plethora of specialized instruments that allow you to stay flexible. "Magic words" aside, this tool is perfect if you are interested in getting things done effectively and significantly wider your traffic selling capabilities.

How does it work?

  1. You start by signing up on the platform. After the registration, you should check out the full information about the service (there is a whole landing page dedicated to the media kit maker). When the registration is fully complete, you will have an active account ready for the next step.
  2. Configuring the tool before using it is quite important. The customer support crew will gladly help you out if you need assistance with the configuration process. The support staff is available at any given moment.
  3. Then, you need to add your website and access it to make your very first Media Kit. The process is fully automatic. You can alter the final version of the kit, adjust the data source, and add a logo.
  4. When the media kit is published, you will need to add a link to your website for potential advertisers. There are various methods of adding the link, including the incorporation in the footer.

The media kit will be available to visitors as they browse your website.

Screenshot of the AdSpyglass Media Kit Maker interface.

These fields are the only thing you need to establish a media kit.

Important Facts about AdSpyglass Media Kit

While a media kit is a visual representation of ad spots stats and other traffic parameters on your website with some additional aesthetical flair, there is more to this tool than just flashiness. It helps you manage the traffic and sell it more efficiently.

AdSpyglass connects you to ad vendors directly, allowing you to focus on the creative part of web mastering without distractions created by constant negotiations. To further reduce the necessity and frequency of often redundant communications, you should use a media kit.

The tech behind the product

Regardless of your technical skills and knowledge, the media kit maker tool will work for you. This service is fully optimized for cross-platform use, makes good looking designs based on the most recent trends in User Experience and User Interface. It is easy to implement for any webmaster, no matter the level of competence in using technology.

The best metaphor of a media kit is probably expensive business card.

Traffic management system

While the media kit creator is a powerful instrument in its own right, AdSpyglass is essentially an ad network mediation system that makes it more efficient.

The AdSpyglass platform offers you statistics, allows you to show your specifically targeted audiences to ad vendors, and better manage how you sell traffic in general.

AdSpyglass also reduces the amount of paperwork from you. The company handles all of the reports, analytical letters, statistics, billing — everything. You just need to run your website!

“The company handles all of the reports, analytical letters, statistics, billing — everything. You just need to run your website!”

The main takeaway

The online advertising market is perpetually evolving. The industry's ever-changing landscape forces webmasters to keep in touch with the latest instruments that help them sell traffic. Media Kits have been useful helpers for a long time. Now, you can use them just as effectively as big websites and media-holdings.

It essentially levels the playing field providing equal conditions for all market participants. The AdSpyglass platform also puts you in direct contact with potential advertisers, significantly reducing the time you usually spend on looking for them on your own.

The technological implementation of the product is also impressive, making it quite attractive to webmasters of all technical expertise levels. If you are interested in increasing your revenues from running a website, check out the AdSpyglass solution now!

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