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January 19, 2021

Is There Any Use for Text Message Tracking Apps?

Is There Any Use for Text Message Tracking Apps for Your Children and Teens’ Mobile Devices in 2021?

The words "spy" or "hack" generally have a scary feel. But you’ve nothing to worry about if the target audience is your underage minor. Text monitoring apps have been helping parents enforce parental controls on their children's cell phone usage. Read on to see how you can get the best SMS tracker apps.

How to Choose the Best Text Tracking App?

Mobile technology gives children lots of space in building their social, emotional, and educational development. However, more than ever before, parents are getting concerned about their children's social activities.

That isn't a surprise, though, as stories of sexting, cyberbullying, and harmful theories permeate the news media. The apparent fact is that Z-generation kids are more likely to stay at home, unlike earlier children. Yet, mobile technology's easy accessibility and exhaustive nature threaten kids' naivety under parents' noses.

Going with the technological wave of age, parents also seek counter-measures for exercising parental control. Among these tech-based measures are text monitoring apps. These are mobile applications that afford people to track text messages from another phone.

It is imperative to scrutinize the many available text monitoring apps. Let’s see some features to note whenever you want to choose a text message tracker.


Compatibility is perhaps one of the essential qualities to look for in SMS tracker apps. One reason is that there are people who complain that their spy apps are ineffective. Meanwhile, the app they're using isn't for their device or target device.

If you’re using an iOS device and your target device is an Android (News - Alert) phone, use an iOS and Android compatible app.

When both devices use the same operating system, then choose OS-specific tracker app options.

App Ratings

In choosing the most appropriate text tracking app, public ratings can come in handy. About every spy app website says the most extraordinary things about their text monitoring app. But app users’ experience can reveal much.

Compatibility inquiries, for instance, could quickly be resolved by just viewing the app users' ratings. Highly rated spy apps are likely more useful for tracking text messages from another’s phone.

What’s more to consider?


Though you want to keep tabs on your loved ones, it doesn’t have to drain your pocket. Price is another factor you’d want to consider in choosing your favorite spy app.

Contrast prices against other qualities above for different SMS tracker apps. You could get the perfect text tracker with a few bucks to spare.

Additional Features

Text monitoring apps also come with extra perks for users. While the primary interest might be on tracking text messages from another phone, there’s more you could get to know.

Find text tracking apps that provide additional offers such as social media accounts plus GPS trackers.

Pros and Cons of Tracking Mobile Phones

Issues about the ethicality of trackers hang in the balance with different schools of thought. Spy app makers argue they can't monitor every usage. Nevertheless, millions of users make use of text monitoring apps.

Pros of Tracking Mobile Phones

  • They're easy to use. You don't require high-tech skills to protect your children from dangerous social media vices.
  • With some SMS tracker apps, you won't have to jailbreak or root your phone.
  • You'd have to settle any pressing doubts at almost zero costs.

Some disadvantages come with using SMS tracker apps on your children or loved ones.

Cons of Tracking Mobile Phones

Overblown Discoveries

There are legitimate reasons for parents to use text monitoring apps. But one downside of using them is that you could overestimate a flimsy text. Children and teenagers have unfamiliar language usage for adults. If you overreact before confirming your discoveries, the consequences could be almost irreversible.

It Could Breed an Atmosphere of Distrust

Your children are likely to trust people who show confidence and trust in them. If your children find out you're tracking them, they might lose trust in your parenting style. And it could get worse if they look elsewhere for guidance.

It Might Strengthen Your Child's Dishonest Tendencies

Using SMS tracker apps can encourage dishonest behavior among teens. Children know much more about technology than their parents think. If they feel you're on their necks, they might conceive dishonest routes to sustain preferred interests.

Why Do Parents Need to Keep Control of Their Children's Phones?

Is there any reason to enforce parental control on your children's phones? We look at different dangers you can protect your children from by using text monitoring apps.

Cyber Identity Theft

Children could get vulnerable to cyber identity thieves when they give out too much personal information. Parents wouldn’t want their kids swindled by such scrupulous individuals via their social media accounts.

Malware Download

There are harmful viruses and malware your kid can wrongfully download to their devices. This malware, once in your computer, could compromise your passwords and other private information.

Parents can use text monitoring apps to track their children to know which sites they visit. Efficient parental controls can prevent access to Trojan websites.

Credit Card Scams

Child safety can go on even after your teen passes at age 18. You might need to protect them from credit card scams by dubious "friends." It's good to tell them about keeping their credit card details safe. But somehow, conmen may still exploit their gullibility. Using SMS tracker apps can help detect conversations in real-time.


By now, you'd have opinions about whether there's a need for parents to use text monitoring apps. Children and teens are generally vulnerable to Internet vices and so need parental control. As they grow older, your children will become more prudent in using their mobile devices.

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