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January 15, 2021

Valorant for PC launched: Everything you need to know.


Valorant is the first video game by Riot Games, which is not related to the League of Legends game. It is a 5v5, character-based first-person tactical shooter (FPS) game available only on PC. The Riot Games Company is said to be working on a prototype of the game for consoles. However, they warned that it might not be as good an experience as it is on PC.

The game was so popular that even before the game's official launch, Valorant took Twitch by the storm. It surpassed the record for the "single-day hours watched record in a single game" category with over 34 million hours watched by the viewers in just a single day.

The game launched on 2nd June 2020 across a majority of the countries worldwide. Since its launch, the developers of Valorant have consistently evolved the game with new patches or provided new game modes and characters or agents. The game is best known for its Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA). Each of its matches can have as many as 25 rounds, and the first team who will win 13 rounds will be announced as the winner.

Price and in-app Purchases of Valorant

Much like their previous League of Legends games, Valorant is free to play on PC as well. You can download the game and play it on a PC at no extra cost. However, there are a few things that you can buy inside the game. You can buy Valorant Points, which cost around 10 USD for every 1000 points. These points will get you exclusive skins to your weapons and other such goodies. There is also a Valorant battle pass that lets you access sprays, gun buddies, charms, weapon skins, character cards, and even some Radiante Points. Radiante Points is also a type of Valorant currency with which you can evolve your existing skins and add unique finishers after every kill, visual effects, animations, audio, and variants.

Gameplay of Valorant

There are two teams in the game. The attacking team of Valorant has to plant a bomb called a Spike in one of the several planting sites, and the defending team has to defuse it. If all the team members are killed, then the opposing team will win the round regardless of the spike's status.

Valorant also has a Spike Rush mode where the gameplay lasts much shorter, usually 10 minutes, than the normal mode, which takes around 30 to 40 minutes to complete. In this mode, every attacking player has a spike instead of just one, and a random weapon is assigned to both teams.

Characters of Valorant

As of now, Valorant has 13 characters or agents, as they call them in this game, who have their weaknesses and strengths. Each agent has a certain power, which is essential to the team's victory. There are four classes in this game to which each of the agents belongs.

1. Duelist: Agents belonging to this class are for gamers who are keen on fighting the enemy and killing as many as possible instead of focusing on any other match areas.

2. Initiators: Agents of this class have powers that can help them scout and know the other team members' locations.

3. Sentinels: The agents belonging to this class are for defensive players and can help the rest of the team with added support.

4. Controllers: The controllers’ class agents are equipped with powers that essentially block off the enemy's line of sight and practice other tactical disrupting tactics.

This is a list of all the agents and their respective classes.

  • Jett - Duelist
  • Brimstone - Controller
  • Sova - Initiator
  • Viper - Controller
  • Reyna - Duelist
  • Phoenix - Duelist
  • Sage - Sentinel
  • Omen - Controller
  • Killjoy - Sentinel
  • Skye - Sentinel
  • Breach - Initiator
  • Raze - Duelist
  • Cypher - Sentinel

As the game grows more popular, more and more players have started finding hacks like the wall hack and other such shortcuts. However, players should be wary while using any such hacks as the game has strict rules that can get you banned or shadow banned from playing when violated.

Valorant has been a huge hit like the other games of Riot Games. The hype about this game does not seem to be dying anytime soon as the number of new players continues to grow.

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