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January 12, 2021

10 Reasons Why Text Based Marketing Isn't Dead In 2021 & Beyond

Text-based marketing is simple, effective, and can be done without smartphones and the internet. As the humanization of brands will be the trend in 2021 and beyond, text-based marketing (being a personalized approach) will effectively tap the users and bring in better conversions.

The simplicity and ease of use of text-based marketing made it immensely popular in the initial days. However, as technology advanced, newer marketing methods took over SMS marketing, and this simple yet effective marketing method somehow lost its importance.

Sure, almost all the marketing gurus keep this marketing method last on their priority list (heck, some don't even consider it a marketing method anymore). However, we did our research to understand if text-based marketing is REALLY dead.

We found several interesting pieces of information that we will be sharing in this article. Have a look.

It's About Being 'Personal'

As smartphones have evolved and the internet speed has gotten faster, people can't resist staying away from smartphones for long. KPMG's 2017 report revealed that almost a third of millennials globally open their smartphones once every five minutes to check notifications or alerts, without being instructed to do so.

So, tapping this massive audience via text marketing won't be an issue.

Smartphones Are All About Texting

Text messaging service is available in all smartphones. According to Express UK, people usually spend more time on this app compared to other apps. Moreover, Ninety-seven percent of people use the text messaging app to text their acquaintances every week.

Running text or display ads to these people can prove to be beneficial.

The Behavior of Smartphone Users

We found out that people prefer texts rather than emails or phone calls from businesses. This goes to show that their behavior is still text-inclined when it comes to using smartphones.

A Big Marketing Vacuum

As many marketers aren't focusing on text-based marketing, you can leverage this marketing method to drive great ROI to your marketing efforts. Make sure you're using the right Mass Texting Service to target your audience at the right time.

Texting Doesn't Need To Be Taught

Be it a new platform or an app, everything these days come with their own set of guidelines. Most of this new stuff requires training to use them, like Adobe (News - Alert) Photoshop. However, texting is a simple practice and doesn't require any skill or training.

As people are already aware of texting, text-based ads won't seem overwhelming to them.

Texting Can Work On 'The Bare Minimum'

If you want to run image ads on Instagram or Video Ads on Youtube, you need an active internet connection and a smartphone. These days, apps and services require many criteria to be fulfilled so that people can use them. Text-based marketing, however, operates on the mobile network. It can be done on a feature phone and doesn't require an internet connection.

Therefore, you don't have to worry about your user's bandwidth or device issues. There will be continuity in your marketing efforts.

Text-Based Marketing Can Be Employed At Any Buying Stage

There are several stages of marketing, like awareness, consideration, sales, and remarketing. You can include text-based marketing at any stage of your marketing process. To ensure an effective marketing mix, try mixing all the content marketing methods (text, video, and image ads).

Texts Can Make A Difference

Texts are an amazing way to keep a user hooked on your products or services. You can run automated textual ads that inform your users about the latest developments in your company from time-to-time. Moreover, you can also prompt them to reply "yes" or "no" as feedback for using your services. Remember, the words you choose will define the engagement level of your communication.

One-to-one Interaction

Marketers usually push ads at the right time. They also try to appeal to the masses at once. With text-based marketing, people decide when to engage. This does away with all the guesswork, unlike email marketing. So, you can tap the right audience at the right time using text-based ads.

Consumers Prefer Text-Based Support: Reports

According to Quiq's 2017 study, people can express their concerns better on chat than on phone or video calls. One of the biggest reasons for this is that they can re-read the chat if they face similar future issues. Moreover, you can also send a transcript of the chat to the customer's email. This will save their time and increase their loyalty towards your brand.

So, now that you know all the benefits of text-based marketing, what's stopping you from including this method in your marketing strategy?

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